Trying DISGUSTING TikTok Recipes

Published 2023-09-15

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  • The funniest thing about “making potatoes from Pringles” is that Pringles don’t have enough potato material in them to legally be called potato chips
  • @quinnlollis8656
    I discovered recently that these types of tiktoks are actually fetish videos catering to people who like seeing things being purposfully done wrong and i'll now never be the same.
  • As a Brit who grew up with shepherds pie as my favourite meal, I'm pretty sure a chunk of my soul disintegrated when cali said that the monstrosity on that counter was supposed to be shepherds pie. For those who aren't aware, Shepherds pie is not really a pie and does not have any crust and pretty much always has lamb used as the meat (hence the name Shepherds pie). All it should have is ground meat (usually lamb) mixed with some veg and mash potato on top. THAT IS IT.
  • "I wanna unionize." "who's gonna union with you?" "YOUR MOM!!!"
  • Fresh pasta is just eggs and flour so grinding old pasta back into flour to then add eggs and make pasta is like taking apart 25 sandwiches just so you can get a fresh loaf of bread
  • @TiroFinale39
    The TikToker repeatedly saying "yummy" sounded like she was trying to convince herself more than anyone else
  • @ly_lh09
    as someone who more than likely has undiagnosed heart issues, half of these recipes would 100% send me straight to the ICU
  • @user-sc3df4ll8m
    Funky frog mourning the loss of the spaghetti as it twirls in the blender is quite possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen😂
  • @kryscopeland2556
    I love that the first recipe is going to the store to pick up one box of pasta just to turn it into a shittier version of the box next to it.
  • @Ghost-Tea
    THE WAY THE SPAGHETTI WAS INSTANTLY ANNIHILATED SENT ME 😭 And when it was the rough ball it looked like one of those scrub daddy things
  • @winklebeebee
    I've been having a shit time of it recently, and this was the video that broke through my depressive fugue and made me laugh so hard that I cried and woke my cat up and now she's pretty mad about it. Bless.
  • @madisonf.8555
    “Mmm that sure is edible 😃“ PUHLEASE I DIED
  • @ghostofcuntmas
    we the viewers appreciate the noble sacrifice you have made to your mental stability for our entertainment , ribbit ribbit my dude
  • @_mossystar
    Our lord and savior funkyfrogbait has returned to save us from the internet brainrot 🥰
  • her saying "there's a cat hair. IN THE PASTA!!!!" somehow made my day a whole lot better
  • @krisbliss1186
    I lost it at your face when you turned on the blender. The look of shock, horror and fear just did me in.
  • “God saves his hardest battles for his funniest clowns.” I legit am obsessed with that sentence
  • @theresah9050
    We can all see why you went from a small creator to a big one. You’re the epitome of the friend we all wish we had. The one who has no filter and is a blast to hang out with. Thank you for giving us the next best thing. And sincere congratulations on your well deserved success.
  • @starrycharacter
    6:46 that looks like the shit me and my sister used to make out of Play-Doh when we were kids... Not like something you would want to injest