Tik Tok Safety Hacks You Need To Know

Published 2021-04-03

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  • breezabee
    Only the OGs remember “hello guys its you favorite French YouTuber 🥖”

    Edit : ty for all the likes!
  • AddiNoir
    this actually taught me more than i ever will learn in school.
  • SCIFI28
    9:16 this girl is so sweet she stood up for someone she did not know and saved their life
  • Kamal Hans
    The laugh she had while putting the money in the outlet lol😂😂😂
  • Blueberry
    Can you make more of these videos? I really enjoy people talking about safety hacks, safety keychains, etc. I think it's good to spread awareness.
  • magicalmoe
    the woman who saved that other woman from the kidnapping literally melted my heart
  • piraqt
    Extra tip: if someone is knocking on your door and you don’t know them, don’t say hello in your own voice. use a recording of your dad’s voice of something.
  • Piggy.palace
    The fact she calls us friends just makes me smile
  • Fun Fact: For people who don’t know, (I don’t know if this works for every alarm) but for mine if you press the “*” symbol it shows if any of your windows or doors are locked or if any of them are open. You can name different rooms in your house and it will say for example, if a window is open in a specific room, “master bedroom window is open” or if no windows or doors are open it will say, “system is ok” Just a tip for those who don’t know!
  • Juliet
    Safety tip: If you are home alone say something like “hey mom can you make lunch?” As if you are talking to a family member. especially if you are living in a more suspicious area.
  • Alex Tomasula
    I always remember that all the teachers at my school would say that if someone is trying to take you claw their eyes, scream, kick, punch, scratch them, even vomit on them. And basically just do anything in your ability to draw attention to yourself and harm the kidnapper.
  • Lil_CrazyBear
    Fun fact: SSSniperWolf spent a long time trying to perfect da messy hair 👁👄👁
  • ♡ɪᴅᴋ♥
    This video taught me more than a full year of school had
  • Rawr
    It’s quite sad that now we need things like this to stay safe. But still these are very helpful and I recommend using most of them in a dangerous situation stay safe and don’t do anything dangerous ❤️
  • _*ZairePlayz*_
    I have something to say about the mountain lion thing. Making yourself appear as big as possible is also a way to scare off cows in order to get them to go wherever you want them to. Hearding dogs also make a lot of noise to chase cows into fences and areas where they need to go. Hope this helps!
  • Itź_Crystal
    10:32 One time, my dad was driving with my mom, and something that was large in size and was extremely heavy hit the roof of their car, almost hitting/hurting/killing my mom...
    They think that someone either threw a really large boulder/rock(personally unlikely to me) or a bowling ball.
  • Jennifer Kelley
    Another safety tip: if you feel like someone is stalking you on everything delete all social media's that you have close all windows and lock them close and lock all doors if you can't close the windows and make them look like they aren't there use something and hang it up to cover the window and boom your protected from stalkers (asking as you don't do something like opening a door or window)

    but be careful outside they might continue stalking you outside.

    This video is amazing the tips are really good
  • 💞 ella 💞
    the girl who saved that girl from getting kidnapped is so nice
  • Itss mal
    We need a part 2 SO BADLY 😌