ASMR👂🏽EAR MELTING Tuning Fork Vibrations for the BEST Tingles & Sleep 😴 No Talking 1 HOUR

Published 2023-02-04
I am back using the trusty tuning forks...this time using the new mics!
Enjoy 1 hour of uninterrupted tuning fork vibrations deep inside your ears, starting with a brief ear to ear warm up and then into powerful vibrations in both ears and finished off with a experimental 3d audio segment! (panning the sound from ear to ear giving the illusion of the sound moving around your head) Perfect for tingles, sleep, relaxation, meditation and other auditory applications.
enjoy :)

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[Wear Headphones/Earphones to fully experience the binaural audio]


Sleep well
Jay 🌒

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  • @JayASMR
    Here are the time stamps for the different sections! 00:00 preview 00:42 ear to ear warm up 07:28 both ears at once 34:04 3D audio (panning from ear to ear) Enjoy 😴
  • @ticenits6947
    I’m so glad i found this channel ur the best man keep doing what ur doing ur amazing at it
  • @JakeVallem
    This has always been an absolutely electrifying trigger for me. I'm so lucky to have found such a high quality video chock full of just this. Instant sub.
  • This is amazing... Always good I slept listening to your asmr's 🖤✨🖤
  • @pukasmom
    Very nice ! Mahalo🙏💖✨🧘‍♀️🕊️🌎😇
  • I know im late, but i really love the fact that you used this item very gently since it can be quite a lot at first. Also this trigger helps me a lot with headache
  • @yulia27189
    круто!! я так хотела послушать именно этот звук, и тут вышло это видео! супер, я очень довольна, спасибо! 🤗👏🥰🙏💗💖😴💤
  • @noctiva
    Just thought if a new tone vid was ready- and here it is. Thanks Jay, for the 'aural butter' 🧈👂‍👂‍🫠🫠🫠 I think I just melted.......*help* jk 🫶🫶🫶