Daring Faith - Part 1 What happen when you have faith

Published 2015-04-23

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  • I am so grateful for finding Pastor Rick Warren. I have grown so much in my faith ,time in the Bible ,and with God.
  • My faith has gotten me through a lot of hard times! Thank you God 🙏🏼🙌🏻💕
  • @portialiau7407
    *不要成為自我想像(恐懼)的囚徒, no gripe , no grumble, no pity party, no blame, slavery is no safety.
    * 信心打開unlock奇蹟大門 打開神的應許, 問自己, 生命的大山(困難, 自暴自棄)
    * not take u out of problem, but take u through. 彭科麗.
    *resilience 我們四面受敵press on by trouble,卻不被困住crush;心裡作難perplex,卻不至失望quit;遭逼迫attack,卻不被丟棄 abandon;打倒了,卻不至死亡 keep on going。