Never Let Me Go

Published 2018-09-19
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Never Let Me Go · Bill Evans


℗ 1968 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Released on: 1969-01-01

Producer: Helen Keane
Associated Performer, Piano: Bill Evans
Composer Lyricist: Raymond B. Evans
Composer Lyricist: Jerry Livingston

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  • @alantaylor3166
    There is not another pianist who reaches me emotionally like Bill Evans. I remembered him playing “darn that dream” when I lost my wife of 30 years and I awakened from a dream in which she told me that her death was a mistake. I thought it was too and awoke in tears. Long live this music!
  • It really doesn't get any better....Bill Evans playing goes straight to the best part of us and brings it to life....Imagine the whole world feeling so in touch and open....
  • @salchaos
    Heavenly tone, superb technique, impeccable taste—Bill Evans was a genius and a humble, gentleman. One of a kind. We lost a master when he passed. Rest in peace, Bill. Your chords and melodies will ring on until the end of the world.
  • @gabriellobo5304
    Ninguém demonstrou tanta emoção e elegância quanto Bill Evans no piano.
  • @sh0352
    Absolutely in love with this piece. It’s such a warm wintery feeling and sound to it
  • Pure jazz from God's hands to Bill's fingers. No blues licks, no tricks, no copying others. True music.
  • @mirazusta2002
    Bill Evans is the definite embodiment of virtuosity. Thank you very much for posting this complex and yet beautiful piece of music.
  • @ewal4252
    Najlepszy pianista na świecie, muzyka przekracza poza czas. Klasa i niepowtarzalne piękno.
  • Bill Evans,foi um pianista de uma delicadeza e classe únicas na história do Jazz......seja sózinho como neste disco ou em trio,ele demostra todo o seu talento sempre de modo sutil....obrigado por postar!
  • Siempre sonara como un tranquilizante para mi corazón. Me encanta.
  • @mjlejer3241
    NEVER LET ME GO has been a favorite song of mine since I first heard Nat King Cole sing it years ago. Bill Evan's evocative chords and piano playing touch my heart! I also performed this song, and I could sing it to an audience without full emotion, but when I sing and play it at home, the lyrics touch my heart so deeply, I have tears, and must stop singing and just play it on the piano! Nancy Wilson has a terrific cover of this great song also!
    NEVER LET ME TO lyrics:
    "Never let me go, love me much too much, if you let me go, life would lose its touch, what would I be without you, there's no place for me without you; never let me go, I'd be so lost if you went away, there'd be a thousand hours in the day, without you I know,
    Br: Because of one caress my world was overturned, at the very start, all my bridges burned by my flaming heart, you'd never leave me would you, you couldn't hurt me could you, never let me go, never let me go,
    You'd never leave me, would you, you couldn't hurt me, could you? Never let me go, never let me go."
  • Probably the most expressive player ever. He was absolutely brilliant.
  • @spactick
    I saw Bill at his last performance at the 'Keystone Corner' in 1980. They 'Fantasy Records' (I presume) were recording that night and asked
    if we'd keep it down because of the recording they were doing. I have the CD of that night in my vast collection of Bill's work. He was unique. From the moment I first heard him I thought he was the finest pianist I ever heard and still do
  • this is a wonderful rendition of this tune by a master pianist; Bill Evans was in a class of his own with his unique style of playing. RIP
  • One of the great masters of jazz piano at his absolute best.....amazing depth, flawless technique, and an endless stream of improvisational ideas. The Mt Everest of jazz piano.
  • The greatest jazz pianist of all times....thanks can rest in peace....thanks again
  • @caponsacchi
    Bill lived a tragic life that took him to greater depths than other jazz musicians. Besides addiction he suffered the death of his bassist-colleague and musical peer (Scott LaFaro), then the suicide of a beloved brother and finally the suicide of his intimate woman partner. But it was his musical intelligence and exceptional "touch" that enabled him to translate such experiences into living art.