Iam Tongi & James Blunt: Super Emotional Duet of "Monsters" Makes Idol History - American Idol 2023

Published 2023-05-21
IDOL HISTORY: Season 21 WINNER Iam Tongi & James Blunt perform super emotional duet of "Monsters". 😭 #IdolFinaleSee

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All Comments (21)
  • Jelly Roll
    Witnessing this in person was one of the most emotional things ever
  • John Carlo Yutuc
    Can we just appreciate the greatness and professionalism of James Blunt? The man is a master of holding his emotions while giving a very heartfelt performance.
  • Todd Andrews
    Anyone who has lost their father this hits home. For those who still have their father....tell them you love them!
  • Nana Van Glam
    This was obviously very hard, emotionally for James. You can see his jaw quiver and his hands tremble. Imagine writing a song about losing your father, he's then spared, and you later are asked to help an 18 year old, who just lost his father, perform it for the world. Bravo to both of you for pushing through and moving us all so deeply!
  • Lyra L.
    I love how James Blunt handled and carried the song for him. Huge respect.
  • Melvin Prasad
    Blunt is a veteran and professional, of course he can keep his emotions in check. Tongi is a boy who just lost his father, the emotions were overwhelming for him, even for the crowd and judges. But what Blunt did there, carrying the young Tongi through the song and comforting him afterwards… now that’s character. Blunt doesn’t get enough credit. Two beautiful souls on that stage.
  • TimeBucks
    Probably the most emotional and heartfelt performance
  • Serw Hiuo
    This is why he won. Not because of sympathy or popularity. He can truly sing and convey every bit of emotion in those words. James Blunt a genius songwriter
  • Son unos grandes ambos, dedicar una cancion asi a un padre en el cielo es un acto de amor y de valentia, yo lo entiendo perfectamente porque mi padre tambien se me fue en 2020 y esta cancion siempre me lo recuerda y me saca lagrimas...
    Lo mejor para este duo fantastico💪🏽💪🏽
  • rich stalks
    We are proud of James blunt , such a great artist and he helped Tongi through such a sad performance 🇬🇧
  • Nunez-Rebel Fam
    I have so much respect for the care that James took with Iam. Way to carry him through it.
  • Cyannah
    OMG ❤ This song devastated me. 😭😭 After being a full time carer for my Dad for the last 10 months (to the day), I lost my Dad two weeks ago. I always told him that it was my turn to chase the monsters away and keep him safe. Who would ever believe that a boy from Hawaii would sing with a British dude and kill it!!! Please, please, record and release this guys!!!! ❤❤
  • Hafoka Hafoka
    Props to James Blunt for pushing Iam through this song.
  • Geo Na
    I lost my dad 10 years ago when I was 40, and I still can't get over it,
    I couldn't cry at his funeral, but I cried when I watched this performance... I really miss him! The good fathers are the unseen heroes of the family! Make sure to show them love before they're gone!
  • Lori Montcalm
    Wow, the singer song writer singing it with the singer whose father actually passed is gut wrenchingly powerful. The nerves were obvious, no instruments to help them dispel that emotional energy. James agreeing to do this emotional song with such consequences is a testament to his generosity of support to a new upcoming talent. Kudos to both Iam and James.
  • Jay Nicholson
    How professional is James Blunt he could see him falling apart and he took control of the song, a beautiful moment x
  • maythen78
    Talk about emotional damage! I lost my dad 8 weeks ago and this has me absolutely wrecked. Tgey did a phenomenal spul crushing job.
  • soysaucegirl2007
    James Blunt spontaneously changed the lyrics of Monsters. The original had the line, "You can feel my hand on your own" but he changed it to "you can feel my hand on your arm", responding to the moment, the moment to give Iam emotional support. Fair play to him.
  • Amigo
    I lost my father in 2000, and that pain will never go away, witnessing a great performance. Most emotional things ever.
  • Zara Khaira
    This song is so powerful. I've watched this many times, but I still can't hold back my tears..I miss my Dad…