Man Who Saved Baby Reunites With Her 8 Years Later | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

Published 2019-05-30
When Doreen's three-week-old baby, Leona, nearly died, a stranger miraculously came to the rescue. 8 years later, Doreen finally got the chance to meet the man, Paul Daiute, and thank him for saving her daughter's life on the Oprah Show. Here, watch the amazing reunion. For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit

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Man Who Saved Baby Reunites With Her 8 Years Later | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

All Comments (21)
  • max olden
    that little girl seems so genuinely thankful and understanding of the deed he’s done for her.
  • eirmoc
    That little girl looked pretty miserable until Paul walked out! Her face just lit up! Very heart warming 😭
  • This is honestly wonderful. He is so nervous and so excited to see this little girl and her mother, so modest.
  • M Reyna
    The expression the little girl has is so’s almost like she already knew him. If I didn’t know the story i would think he was her father . Beautiful story
  • Under the Moon
    I'm a little impressed by how emotionally mature and empathetic that little girl is. It happened when she was so young she doesn't have direct memory of it and yet she seems to feel so deeply about it. It's hard to imagine a child so young could seem to grasp just how close she was to dying.
  • maxxie clara
    When he says he thought he was only doing cpr for the moms What an incredible person it takes to give cpr to what you think is a dead baby to just comfort the mother
  • Bella K
    I don’t even know why, but he hugged that little girl and I couldn’t hold back the tears 😭 that was a beautiful story.
  • Suspicious Pooh
    This girl is 31 now, I wonder how life worked out for her.
  • aud
    “i scales the hamburger across the mcdonald’s. my wife caught it. didn’t spill the special sauce” HAHAHAHA THIS GUY WAS HILARIOUS
    Awwwwwwwww That little girl is soooo beautiful!! I am so happy she is alive and well! God Bless Paul
  • La Luna Moon
    This was about 23 years ago and it’s beautiful to see oprah with the same energy
  • My husband saved a drowning child at an outdoor pool---and the circumstances that led us to that pool were highly odd....without going into details....we have always said that we were meant to be there....for one particular reason.
  • James E. Ogilvy
    This was just wonderful to see. Now it's 23 years later. Let's see the little girl now as a grown woman and what she's done with her life! C'mon OWN! You can do it! lol
  • Herculydia
    The smile on that little girl's face when she's looking at her savior is so precious it makes me cry
  • tiffanypo56
    This guy has a great personality, bless him for saving this little girls life❤️
  • “It’s true! This is how miracles happen. They don’t come with a hallelujah chorus, they come at mcdonald’s.” Wise words, Oprah. Wise words.
  • I cried when the little girl start talking and when Paul came.out and she had this joy on her face. I was so overwhelmed with tears.

    This actually reminded me of a time my Dad delivered a baby some years back. He was taking a stroll along the road and festive seasons in my country comes with serious road traffic. He saw that Young Man desperately asking for help. Apparently that was their first child. The wife gave birth to a baby girl in the car. My dad had to talk to the Police officers on the road to clear the traffic. I mean my dad was so happy that day.
  • Emily Nicole.
    My dad was a firemen (he is retired now) and on his day off he went out to lunch with my brother. Lady screams my baby is choking. Dad rushed over there and saved his life on his day off. He always imagine that would be one of his children.
  • tobias' mommy
    this is so beautiful…. even the “seemingly shy” child had the biggest smile & ran right up with open arms like she’s known him her whole life 😭😭