LEAVE ME ALONE!! | Sons of the Forest

Published 2023-07-16

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  • @not_a_feret4940
    I find it hilarious how all three of them scream in unison for Kelvin’s help, who just so happens to be deaf and is occupied gathering many many logs 😂
  • @mother-aiya
    Mark: spends like two whole episode building a long ass wall
    The cannibal: "Imma just climb over it"
  • @BjoernKP
    I just want to thank Lixian for putting the text on screen whenever the guys are talking over each other so that we can read what they're actually saying. It's a life saver!
  • @Bed50kal
    every time wade says "HAYAAAA!" and throws logs deliberately at mark if i were in his shoes i'd just kill both of em in game and let em respawn lmao
  • @gkarlson
    Even I'm getting frustrated on how the others keep scaring away Virginia while Mark constantly tries to befriend her
  • @cautionnerds
    With friends like Bob and Wade, who needs enemies
  • @chezwhiz6086
    I love how in the first Forest game they picked the best possible space to set up their base and in this one they somehow managed to do the exact opposite.
  • @Hex_Fox
    Love how bob said "If we cook it, it cant be rotten anymore right?". As if he didnt destroy a gas station bathroom by eating some spoiled food he warmed up.
  • @meg9599
    Mark and his traps will never fail to entertain me. In The Forest it was the happy birthday trap, and now he's got the flyswatter trap.
  • @tigerbug
    I admire Mark's patience cause if I was trying to seriously play a game and my friends were just fucking around like Bob and Wade, i think I would scream and then cry.
  • @MusicalSoul47
    Mark: “I feel like this is just you two being obtuse.”
    Wade: “How dare you! I’m acute.”
    I’m gonna use that.
  • @avecherien
    Marks patience for Bob and Wades murder attempts is impressively high.
  • @ayt3877
    the mental image of Kevin going through some horror protagonist-level of stuff while these three clowns are messing around giggling and bickering in the background 😂 living in entirely different genres here
  • @LeifCooper
    Mark: Don't make me declare war!
    Bob: He's terrifying when he does that.
  • @mercyymusic7242
    Mark, you gotta be nice to the lady!! Watch her dances, put away weapons, and be chill (DONT RUN AT HER) and eventually she will be your friend
  • @NickVS
    Waiting for Bob and wade to try to cooperate and get some story progression. I was surprised mark was able to keep his cool with bob gaslighting him and trowing rocks at him half the video.
    Remined me of me and my brother killing each other in the middle of a halo ce
  • @alienboi9498
    I love how Mark is consistently on the verge of death, starvation, and dehydration at all times.
  • @alexmiller1800
    I feel so bad for Mark. Mans actually trying to build a base and play the game and he’s being murdered and harassed by Bob and Wade. I seriously would have rage quit the game, Mark has endless patience.