The BEST OF STAND UP COMEDIAN Daliso Chaponda On Britain's Got Talent

Published 2021-05-19
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The BEST OF STAND UP COMEDIAN Daliso Chaponda On Britain's Got Talent

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  • "This would have been an auction" was the best line I ever heard.....he is a legend
  • This guy is an ambassador, using his jokes and the BGT platform to tell the truth about oppression, racism, and the current state of the world, genius.
  • He is not merely a comedian, he is a preacher. He preaches in a very humorous way. He exposes the ills of society without offending anyone. He reprimand humanity for ingratitude and lack of appreciation for all the things they enjoy and lack of compassion, but he does it in most subtle and very funny way. Very few people possess such a gift.
  • @gastonchi5901
    "The Bible say do not steal but no where does it say do not swap" That got me hard
  • @judithkaunda459
    I am a MALAWIAN and couldn't be more proud of this guy. Watched a thousand times and every time I STILL laugh so hard as if am watching it for the first time
  • @mungarahab2496
    The fact that he gets standing ovations from the judges after every performance is remarkable 👌
  • @ibn.fulaan
    "This would've been an auction" Give this guy an Oscar
  • 'Where did you get your food?' We need that over here! Man, i love him too much !! 😆🤣🤣
  • i'm from asia and sometimes western jokes aren't that funny for us...but this guy is hilarious, and never get bored with his jokes
  • @fasilkk2601
    " I'm black!!, 200 years ago this would have been an auction " 😂😂 What a legend!!! My fav comedian on any GT show😍
  • Confining realities through jokes. What a man! Much love from Kenya. Keep breaking rocks, Daliso!
  • @tumbel99
    When I saw Daliso Chaponda for the very first time I never laughed so much in my entire life and when Amanda pressed the golden buzzer I cried for him because he truly deserved it bless him.
  • @sayan7939
    He is hilarious but best part about him is he is a very well learned man. It reflects on his jokes they are funny and witty at the same time. Speaks of many troubling issues in a very fluid manner
  • @jayeshyadav8891
    "100 percent you've got a financial crisis when India starts opening call centres here" 😂🤣I'm dead
  • @luckydad7339
    This dude should have his own tv comedy show. ❤
  • @TMM6944
    This guy is absolutely brilliant, so funny and just flowing with natural talent.
  • He's funny. I've seen people making dirty jokes and saying harsh words to be funny. But this is an example of making jokes in a positive clean way. This is what the world needs. It literally teaches you to be greatful for the small things.
  • @RL-sq8vr
    Omg his positivity is so wholesome
  • @Samsquench
    It’s almost impossible to be a stand up comedian without using curse words, or trying to shock people with the most over the top nasty jokes. Not only is this guy likable but he’s clean and hilarious and hilarious and totally pulls off the first “clean act” in years and I could watch him with my kids in the same room without worrying about what they may hear.