The End of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson

Published 2022-11-15
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All Comments (21)
  • I think the pandemic taught us ALL to slow down and reevaluate what’s important. Sometimes peace and happiness is so much more valuable than a 20mil house and fame. I’m proud of Jeffery
  • @Chunkygreek
    I totally agree, long form content doesn’t get as many views as reels ands it’s a bit upsetting. I’ve been posting just reels for 5 months and almost hit 1million subscribers, my videos however get practically nothing, still very great full!
  • @honey_bee7923
    I hate when creators get discouraged to do what they want because the majority doesn’t like it. I LOVE long docu style videos. I love when I can sit down and watch the whole thing, or watch it it intervals and get excited the watch the rest when I get free time.
  • @deliaross9548
    thank you for showing us the pallet, it would have been great to see it out in the world, but you're right everything happens for a reason. we love u Shane and Jeffree.
  • @tannerdaylea7557
    This breaks my heart. Shane is the first YouTuber I ever watched and he changed my life when I was young. He continues to save my life. I found Jeffery in high school and felt the same connection. To see both of these amazing people grow, evolve and know that the second pallet never came to light absolutely breaks my heart.
  • @millie-marie3242
    The Doomsday palette is absolutely gorgeous! I’m so sad it was never released I would have snatched it right up. So happy to see you two together again ❤
  • @Itme
    Everything comes to an end. Feel like I watched all of you grow into adulthood. Make yourselves as happy as you've all made your fans. Hugs to Jeffree, Shane, and Ryland
  • The way cancel culture took something so perfect away from us hurts in a way i can’t describe. Doomsday wouldve been so iconic and the pig mirror killed. Im happy for jeffery and shane but god does this hurt
  • @nicoprxncess
    Sobbing bc I have literally been here since the beginning of the both of you together. What a era that I will always hold dear to my heart. Y’all’s videos have helped me get through sm growing up. I’m now in college sophmore/junior. I must of been in middle school or something when I started watch y’all lol. Love you Shane always
  • You should totally rebrand the palette as "Evolution" to represent how you've evolved in such a healthy and positive way and to show that not everyone stays the same and that your beliefs and values can evolve with you as you grow! I can remember the whole series and following along waiting for the reveals and release dates, I can't believe its be 4 years!!
  • @shellyreals7040
    I put off watching this one....til just now, and I'm glad I did....cuz I teared up, but they didn't spill over, and smiled & laughed so much thru most of it....what made Shane and Jeffreys conspiracy Collab epic, was & still is the friendship we watched them develop during the journey....genuine happiness, honesty with each other, respect & Jeffrey sharing & being so open & generous with not only Shane, but everyone around them! Earlier today I saw Shane's video with JoJo (get it girl! Lol) and was & am SOOOOOO excited to hear Jeffrey gonna pay us a visit FINALLY!!!! I remember watching some of his videos just before & after his move to Wyoming & he just kept taking hit after hit and losing pieces of his heart, losing people and DD....Jeffreys smile now, looks a lot more genuine & his energy FEELS more relaxed, even thru video! Shane is right, Jeffrey is wicked funny, I dunno how he keeps a straight face saying some of the shit he does & not lose it when everyone else does....deadpan looks before he turns away and then, even sweeter!! Lol anyway I just love you 2 together, will watch any project or "boring" middle of nowhere with the yaks video you guys make together....really hope there will be at least a few podcast visits!!!!
  • @plantyjourney
    3.1 million people have watched this! We do care! Keep making content PLEASEEEE❤I would love to follow along your star ranch journey!!!
  • @DD-ns6ff
    Watching other people try on Shane's shades as part of jefree's pallettes and not even knowing, made me really emotional. Letting go of dreams is so difficult and I'm glad he at least got to show it to the world.
  • @nicoleparry5103
    Heart breaking, i love jeffree star and i love shane, watching youtube come to its end is sad
  • The irony that the first two videos I ever watched of Jeffery was… this 2 part series and it honestly was one of the best videos I’ve ever watched! You literally had my attention the ENTIRE video! Maybe it was seeing a totally different side of you guys, maybe it was seeing everyone so happy and not getting to see more of the growth of everyone. Hopefully Jeffery does some YouTube videos of his new business ventures and lifestyle! 😢 sad these were the last videos for you all.
  • @medinaavdic0109
    i missed this duo so much...i was laughing and crying :) I love you both so much, you two are bringing so much joy into my world <3
  • @IittIeone
    I'm proud of Jeffree especially the fact that he can freely walk under the sun without fear anymore? He is definitely changing for the better
  • This is DEF a tough time for those of us who have watched both Shane & Jeffrey grow as individuals on YT to joining forces to blossoming into best buds to becoming the most dynamically disastrous duo on social media to being completely cancelled, parting ways & now ending an ICONIC era that will forever go down in history.
    Yes it's sad but I believe both of them have bright futures & whatever makes them happy, will make their true stans happy aswell. ❤❤❤
  • @alexismiller1418
    The shade montage had me in tears. I’m so sad that it didn’t get made into a whole pallet. It is an end of an era. I’m 30 and still as invested in YouTube as I was when I was 12. Missed you both.