The End Of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson

Published 2022-11-15


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All Comments (21)
  • shane
    AHHHHHHHHH IM SO EXCITED!!!! I hope you guys like the finale!!! I'm so proud of this video and this unexpected journey. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do!!! <3333
  • Nicole B
    Honestly this is actually sad if your someone who’s been watching them from the start. The pairing of them together was iconic and the makeup they created was great.
  • Eliza T
    Jeffree coming to the realization that he doesn’t need to put himself out there on a platform where people don’t respect him and think he’s the villain and it’s not healthy mental is SUCH a healthy decision and I’m so happy for him. Good for him!
  • All the flashbacks to the first series had me in tears. The full circle moment and seeing these two flourish in their new lives is amazing. I'm so proud of them both for all the growth. Absolutely devastated about the pallet that didn't launch but understood the reasoning behind it all. The friendship that these two have created throughout this entire experience has been so heart warming. I love you both. Thank you for getting us through the toughest times and sharing this incredible journey with us. ♥️
  • Savannah Cash
    We need a petition so we can get this pallet. Even if it's single shades because this pallet is gorgeous and I've never seen anything like it ❤
  • on2play4u
    Thing is, Jeffrey you made such an impact by being real, raw, vulnerable, authentic on this app. To have you disappear would be like losing family. On the same turn of the coin, you have a right to healthy change and privacy, and finding true joy and peace in yourself! Blessings where ever you go!
  • Allie
    I would've LOVED this pallet! Love how the top row is SO wearable! And the other colors work so well together and are SO pretty! I love it. Please please please someone start a petition to make this become a real thing... I don't care if some shades were used, we need this Beauty 😍
  • Mads
    Ryland is literally the best. The way he was talking to Shane and helping him navigate his feelings is exactly what you want in a partner!
  • Autumn Rose
    As a person from the country I literally never thought jefree would be the type to love the country. There is something so free about being in nature. I get grounded when I go out in the woods or pastures. Animals have a special way with people and helping them heal. I really enjoyed this series!!!! Thank you Shane, Ryland, Chris, and Jefree for this awesome content ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Leigh Cooper
    I can't help but feel so sad. Shane nailed it: he created the palette to chase the high they'd just been on. But how do you live life after a high THAT high? They'll probably never be there again. It was a once in a lifetime moment, something most of us will never know.

    I'm sad for Shane, I'm sad for Jeffree, hell I'm sad for me. I loved every single episode. It was the best thing on Youtube. Maybe it always will be. It is so fucking typical of human nature that everyone tore it down. Only now, as time has passed, can we see how truly remarkable this moment in time was.

    You guys were amazing. Treasure that.
  • Finding Jess
    Looking back at how much my own life has changed in the span of the beginning to end of this series is mind blowing. This was such an experience and I can’t put into words how I feel
  • Alexis Clare
    Jeffree is so creative and amazing. I love how he still found a place for Shane's shades that he made and it still put it in the other pallets. I love their friendship and the palettes they created together. They're such amazing humans.
  • Taylor McKeown
    I am bawling my eyes out watching this video. I have been a fan of Shane forever and only knew Jeffree from MySpace, but fell in love with him when Shane did the first series. Being able to experience the creativity, the hype, and the unity during the first series was extremely special. The pride and joy I felt for these two guys during that time was unreal.

    The cancellation was really hard, even for me as a fan. It was devastating. Shane was at the highest point in his career and people were finally starting to see Jeffree has a human being rather than a villain and then everything came to a halt. They disappeared. It’s truly a shame that cancel culture even exists, and it still hurts my heart to think about what happened to Shane and Jeffree.

    It feels bittersweet to think back to the memories of watching the first series with the rest of the world, waiting for makeup drops, and waiting in a queue to buy an eyeshadow palette. I’m sad that Jeffree doesn’t want to be a part of YouTube anymore, but I understand it. I’m glad at least we can find him on TikTok. What I want Shane and Jeffree both to know, if they ever read this, is that even when “people aren’t clicking anymore,” I always will be.

    Shane and Jeffree, I’m one of your forever fans. Thank you for all of the content you’ve given us over the years, because we are so grateful. Wishing you all the best, peace, and happiness. ❤
  • PierceTheSirens
    Anyone else got emotional with the repurposed shades, realizing that part of the second Shane palette has always been with us without even knowing it?
  • Eva Ramirez
    This makes me so sad! That palette was so amazing! They were flying so high after the conspiracy palette and then everything came crashing down. I admire how much they have both grown as ppl and also how caring their friendship is ❤
  • LuvMagic77
    I almost started crying when they started pointing out where the shades were re-purposed! I though that Shane Glossin’ looked familiar, but I wasn’t sure. I love this! So well done too!
  • Zander Dalrymple
    It would’ve been so cool if they renamed the pallet “RESURRECTION” to make it more happy. Shane and Jeffree have both learned to love themselves again and to put passion first. They have resurrected themselves by creating hope in a world that seems to have lost so much of it. Love you Shane and Jeffree!❤️
  • Truly the end of an Era 🥺 I've been following you both for sooooo many years and was so proud when yall came together. This is heartbreaking I'm sure for all of us who grew up watching the two of you. I wish yall both so much happiness in life. Even if you never read this comment. Thanks for making my teenage years bearable Shane with your laughs and skits. Jeffery you inspired my love for makeup long ago. Ughh, I love you guys!
  • Shalala
    I mean call me old school, as much as i do enjoy scrolling through shorts and tiktok, I very much still prefer watching a full length makeup reveals/docu series etc. And not many create those anymore. Please don’t stop making long videos Shane, so many people like me still enjoys them 🥲