The Unspoken Rules of Love

Published 2011-01-27
Michelle Mckinney Hammond with her co-author in a Q & A session

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  • Slandy Noel
    I have been divorced for 3 years and this past year I have gotten excited to date. I started dating this gentleman last year and we dated for 8 months. I thought he was an amazing man but I knew that he was not the one for me. His values were very different from mine, he truly believe that a couple should live together before getting married. I thought absolutely not, why in the world should I perform all these wifely duties without being married. 3 months ago I politely told him that I am not for every body neither was he. I was not the one for him therefore, I couldn't see him anymore. He was shocked because we were doing great. My number one job is to guard my heart. I have no intention on pouring in my time, energy into a relationship that was not going anywhere. I know my values and I am not willing to compromise them. I simply walked away without feeling any remorse. Au revoir, Cheri!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  • Rita Hood
    "If he's willing to live without you then he should"! Amen. ๐Ÿ˜โœจ
  • aqueenwaits
    I love the way the manner in which both of the speakers have chemistry in their collaboration.ย 
    I would love for GOD to send me a man who thinks and speaks like this man.
  • MrBamshy
    I am Single and still experimenting and formulating my theories about relationships. Honestly, these theories about relationships aren't permanent, situations cause anomalies and variations we never anticipated. Unfortunately, people close their eyes and fixate on rules that people come up with as a result of their experiences. For example, The best woman i have ever known didn't make me "work" that hard. The ones that did, never loved me that much. My point, realize your situation is unique, learn from experiences around you, come up with your own rules as it applies to you and most importantly, be open minded. I believe the more matured you become, you'd recognize patterns and then make the best decisions
  • JennLife69
    Wow this guy has my full attention!!!!! now it's time to value myself on a higher level thank you guys for sharing it help me a lot!!!!!
  • TanJam27 Show
    THIS IS PRICELESS!!! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž
  • Brooke Crane
    Thank you for enlightening me on this subject. I left with so much wisdom and with so many handy and useful tools. Some issues I was just stuck on! I was so blind. Please forgive the mean people on some of these comments. God bless!
  • Vielka Rodriguez
    This is powerful. Lower my value then:. "No one wants to pay full price for something someone else's got free."
  • Kay Smilez
    I really enjoyed watching this video.Great advice.Thank God for wisdom
  • AgapeFit Mommy
    I love this so much I wish I had heard this before I met my x. it would have saved me 3 years of what might be wasted time. but with God nothing is wasted. my concern was when he says for the woman who has sex before marriage. that it can cause problems later on because nobody will want something that somebody didn't have to pay full price for. something like that. that's good..but not really. how many of us have truly waited. that sounds hopeless. Its basically sounding like he's telling women that if they have made a mistake or mistakes that she should basically give up on love. But men makes these same mistakes and it don't affect them? also nobody ever talks about single Moms. Are we out of the love picture? None of this should be taken without prayer. But I do Love this ... such awesome confirmation. I left a guy who was saying we were friends. God finally put it in my heart that I am to treat him like a friend instead of how he wanted me to treat him..(like a wife or a maid) when I walked away it was difficult but I was obedient.I didn't know what I was doing until the Lord personally took me by the hand and pulled me aside and spoke directly to me. This confirmed I did the right thing. Thank You so much.
  • Itah Hange
    Amazing. i realised that i make friends with men more than women and i always thought it was becoz i wasn't attractive enough or that there was something wrong with me but i think i agree with you that there is an initial attraction but may be its how you handle it that determines which type of friendship it becomes. Thank you for that
  • Awesome eye openers.
    This video should be all over the place.
    I found the only way a woman can keep her heart safe is to give it to the Lord
  • Sweet Sugar 101
    As a Christian, for many years I, like most other single Christian women sought to be married before a certain age. Most of us at the time, wanted to be married b/c we wanted to have 'SEX' inside marriage. (So sad). ย As a much older Christian, I look back on that concept and think- 'whew, we're so shallow!!' ย Need we think of marriage for much more than that? I say, most definitely. Marriage offers so much more than the safety net of having sex without conviction. I personally feel that the church should elaborate on ย the other concerns/benefits of marriage besides JUST sex.
  • CC
    I agree, It does not take years to know if that person is the right one.
  • Ilona Chance
    This is funny, but very interesting, thanks for sharing! :)
  • Gina B.
    Good stuff!!! I'm 37 and still learning...