I Infiltrated Shrek Fest

Published 2022-09-18
i'm in my redemption era
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  • Karate_Zebra
    Ryan somehow managed to be one of the weirdest people in a shrek festival
  • Epic Gardening
    The shared moment of camaraderie "I really thought I had a chance..." absolute gold moment in the story Ryan. KILLER VIDEO
  • Nightmare
    The amount off traumatizing and embarrassing stuff he goes through
    all cheers to ryan
  • zycd
    I love how he's clearly introverted, yet he breaks through that and isn't afraid to do this stuff.
  • Impernator
    What's more crazy, the fact that there is a "Shrek Festival" or the fact Ryan managed to be the weirdest one there 😂
  • Hollowhead
    The fact that he somehow was weirder than everyone else in a shrek festival is impressive.
  • alida flus
    Can we just appreciate how much of a legend Tomas is
  • as someone who genuinely, unironically thinks Shrek is a cinematic masterpiece, i’d like to take a moment to appreciate the fact that ryan used actual music from the movie. what a hero
  • Mobius Studios
    I really appreciate Ryan's willingness to keep a more laid back editing style, leave in fun moments instead of the extremely rapid paced retention machines that plague a lot of YouTube today. Very refreshing.
  • zijuiy wttuy
    The fact that ryan started to eat more veggies by eatting a raw onion is just to funny
  • Kailan Foster
    Ryan always making new friends in the strangest places is absolutely GLORIOUS
  • wnnalis cioov
    So proud of Ryan for staying true to his promise to Dr Mike, to eat his vegetables. Staying true to your tattoo is a W!
  • Rory's Kitchen
    Honestly this is the most appropriate Ryan Trahan video to come back with after such an epic 30 day series, I wouldn’t expect anything less 😂
  • KitaChiquita
    I wish I had a personality like Ryan, who is endearingly and somehow confidently awkward and makes friends everywhere he goes
  • Yaki Torii
    Ryan's vibe with Thomas feels like they've known each other for years
    Hope I can go to shrekfest one day
  • Carter Gray
    Shrek and Ryan collab. Never knew I needed it until now.
  • Shanna Lota
    look how far ryan goes to entertain us he ran trough an airport in an lord farquaad suit like he's not embarrassed
  • Steven He
    *finally gets a W

    *copyright claimed by Macklemore