The Nuno Bettencourt Solo Everyone is Talking About

Published 2023-03-16

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  • I can't begin to tell you just how happy it makes me feel to FINALLY see Nuno getting the credit he's been due, for so long now. Genius.
  • Mig-L Made
    Ganda Nuno!!!!! Ganda Rick!!
    Vocês são os maiores 😀
    Keep it up guys, you rock! (literally) 👍🏽👍🏽
  • The fact that your channel is so successful is changing music’s place in culture. Not only do you help people learn how to play, they’re learning how to listen and how complex making music really is.
    Thank you for the work you do - along with others like Tim Pierce and Tomo Fujita.
  • Stephen Walker
    I like the way Rick still cannot resist playing air guitar even when he's holding an actual guitar! Love it.
  • ATX0705
    Rick's ability to pick out by ear what's being played on songs is insane.
  • Bryan Girod
    My favorite Extreme album is their self titled debut. Nuno's solo prior to Mutha (Don't Wanna Go to School Today) is flat out amazing. That's when I knew he was a special player
  • Mark Manson
    Nuno has been the "your favorite guitarist's favorite guitarist" guy for decades now. Maybe the best rock musician ever that non-musicians don't know about.
  • Let's not forget how badass this drummer is too and the drum sound. He did some awesome drumming on the Dramagods album with Nuno. Sad that Mangini didn't pan out, but I love this drummer's style and he's a good fit with Extreme.
  • Kirk Shipp
    It almost makes me cry, hearing this song because someone is finally writing songs the way they used to be written again. The world might get fixed after all!
  • toast180
    Not many people can rip like Nuno. His and Paul Gilbert's work in the 80's and 90's remains some of my favorite guitar playing ever. Both have such amazing chops, feel and phrasing.
  • Lucynda Beers
    This is my new favorite Extreme tune strictly because of Nuno's solo. Amazing!
  • I don’t think we can talk about Extreme without mentioning their criminality underrated 3rd album “III Sides To Every Story”. That thing is a masterpiece. It’s one of the best albums of the 90s and hardly anyone has heard it.
  • Nuno's rhythm playing has always blown me away. This song has it all. I for one am about to hit the rewind button on the Extreme recordings to absorb Nuno's body of work.
  • His solo in "Play With Me" is my favorite of all time. It defined the action chase scene through the mall in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
  • Jan Fagernäs
    That is so classic Nuno! So happy Extreme came back with this. What a solo! This took me back 30 years.
  • Russell Brooks
    Nuno blew me away ever since their first album. If you've never heard their post-grunge album Waiting For The Punchline, you've got to check it out. Nuno used such a raw sound on it, and I think it was their best work.
    I’ve always held nuno up there with the very best in the world. Never understood why he wasn’t considered up there with Vai, Satriani etc when he’s clearly able to do all that and more. And write some seriously funky tunes.
  • boingo insane
    Everyone is talking about Nuno's solo. Myself included. It's awesome. But I realized that nobody is talking about Gary's vocals. Gary Cherone is 61 years old and kills it. He's just incredible.
  • Nigel Martin
    Nuno’s solos sound humanly impossible. Astounding… the next level. 👍😎