How to Write an eLearning Storyboard | How-To Workshop

Published 2022-07-07
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When designing and developing an eLearning course, one of the first things you want to do is write an eLearning storyboard. An eLearning storyboard lets outline and document your learning content slide-by-slide and lets you review it with your stakeholders and subject matter experts before you begin development.

While storyboarding is an important part of the whole instructional design process for eLearning development, if you've never written an eLearning storyboard before, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to get started. How do you organize your course content, when should you use a written storyboard vs. a visual storyboard, and how do you review it with your stakeholders and subject matter experts? These are all questions you've likely asked yourself when trying to write your first eLearning storyboard.

So, in this How-To Workshop, I'll walk you through my process for how to write an eLearning storyboard from beginning to end, including several real-world eLearning storyboard examples from my own projects.

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00:00 Intro
04:12 What is an eLearning Storyboard?
08:26 Why Write an eLearning Storyboard?
11:49 How Do You Write an eLearning Storyboard?
12:34 Step One: Collect & Organize Your Learning Content
13:40 Collect Your Learning Content
17:45 Create an eLearning Course Outline
20:55 eLearning Course Outline Examples
27:39 Step Two: Pick an eLearning Storyboard Format
27:57 Types of eLearning Storyboards
30:45 Written eLearning Storyboards
31:35 Visual eLearning Storyboards
34:32 Determine How You Want to Present Your Course Content
37:20 Written eLearning Storyboard Example
44:50 Visual eLearning Storyboard Example
50:21 Video Storyboard Example
55:25 Step Three: Draft the Storyboard
56:10 What to Include in an eLearning Storyboard?
59:35 Steps Four & Five: Review & Edit Your eLearning Storyboard
59:56 Manage Your Review Cycles
01:03:00 Storyboard Review Instructions Example
01:05:05 Closing

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  • Tim, you are a legend and your intention to genuinely add value and help other people who struggle with ID shows in your videos. Hats off ❤️
  • This helped me understand Storyboards so much! I feel like this video broke it into chunks that I was able to feel more comfortable with. I love the way you showed the outcome of the storyboard in the actual eLearning course created because it allowed me to see how different and similar they can be. Thank you!!!!
  • @JessieCarty
    This was SO helpful! I was wondering if you'd ever done a storyboard challenge for the community? Like present a storyboard and then have people interpret it in the tool of their choice? I'd so try that :)
  • @priyakumar4305
    Really informative and insightful! I really found this process quite useful particularly how important it is to set stakeholder expectations in terms of review cycles etc. What I learnt new today was creating pop-up window in PowerPoint - same look and feel as one can build in Storyline! this is cool :) Looking forward to your next webinar on Prototypes
  • @leighmorgan1168
    What an amazing, comprehensive video on Storyboards! Thank you, Tim! Well done... as usual!
  • @Maybathome
    I've just completed my master's degree in Education and Technology in an attempt to become an e-learning designer. 1 year of very intensive studies, thousands of pounds and tons of stress, and I steel feel like an imposter. After watching your free tutorials I realise they have more value than a full master's course. Thank you
  • @amysilva4731
    Thank you so much, Tim! This is a fantastic resource on storyboarding. I just met an instructional designer who only creates the storyboards, then passes them on to other members of the team to create the course using different authoring tools. I didn't even know that was a thing, and then you mentioned it in your video! I asked him if he would give me some feedback on the first storyboard that I created. This gave me some great tips to improve it before I pass it on to him! Thank you!
  • Tim, this is so helpful and timely for me! I’m going to definitely use your content mapping process. We use Mural at my job, so I’m going to attempt the process using that tool. Sometimes I feel like you’re psychic with how timely some of your sessions are for what challenges I have. 😂 Thank you!
  • @techielabteacher
    This was the best storyboarding video walkthrough and it contained EVERYTHING! I am purchasing your book (which has been sitting in my Amazon cart for a month). But today, I am getting it. Thank you so much for assisting me with a task I have been struggling with.
  • @andreataylor8090
    Tim, this is the most comprehensive and comprehensible explanation of the storyboarding process I have listened to since getting into this field last year. Thank you so much for your calm and informative delivery. Excellent job!
  • @minal9972
    Thank you Tim for passing on the knowledge. I love the way you explain which is to the point. Please create more videos on Articulate Storyline which includes creating templates, complex interactivity with complex functionality, game based learning etc.
    Best regards from India 😊
  • @krisbickell9765
    Tim, well done! You really helped make the concept of storyboarding much more dynamic!
  • I cannot express how much this clarified this process for me. Thank you so much for taking the time to make videos like this.
  • This is the best video about storyboarding I have ever come across. Thank you so much.
  • @ravneetkour8191
    I am about to start my job as an ID and God thank you so much for this! I got to learn so much from this. Loved it.
  • @ms.jmccall2202
    wow! This presentation was amazing. You closed all of my knowledge gaps surrounding storyboarding. Thank you.

    Job well done.
  • Excellent...Detailed and professional content and samples. One of the best tutorials I've seen.
  • @audreyreid3437
    Thanks you, Tim so much. I've learned exactly how to formulated construction a storyboard. Respect