What Is A Comfortable Salary In Singapore? | Hot Take

Published 2023-10-23
How much do Singaporeans need to earn to be comfortable in Singapore? How greatly do lifestyle and commitment affect that amount? We hit the streets to find out how much is good enough!

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All Comments (21)
  • @woodstockht1855
    Try conducting this interview at different locations, such as industrial estates, neighborhood estates, tourist attactions etc. See if the outcome is the same.
  • I feel like I've been living under a rock... their comfort and my comfort is a world of difference...
  • @mikolah2880
    For a normal Singaporean like me, no debts, flat is fully paid, no car, no kids, single, i think around 4k is very ok. can already travel 3 times a year, eat well, pay insurances and necessities.
  • @kacey305
    i think it would have been better if the interviewer asked the participants to define 'comfortable' as everyone has different interpretations of it
  • @Claudia-cy6ou
    its alarming how wide the pay gap in sg is. I know people who worked 10-20 years to reach 4k. I know people who start at 7k. I know people who've reached 20k at 32.
  • @silverchairsg
    Hot take: A comfortable salary is one where your income exceeds your expenses, you are saving and investing at a rate that gives you confidence, optimism, and peace of mind about the future, and you are insured in a way that makes you feel secure and covered with peace of mind. That's my definition of comfortable, and I think it's better and healthier to define it on a psychological/emotional basis that is subjective and specific to the individual than to tie it to arbitrary dollar amounts.
  • @carmen7559
    I think it's also important to be mindful of lifestyle inflation. It's easy to start spending more as your income increases, but being intentional about expenses can help maintain financial stability in the long run.
  • @jdrei71
    The first interviewee had a lot of realistic insights!
  • @HeyHaffiz
    Maybe you guys can do the interview in the heartland area to see what's the reality of how much average people earn to survive?
  • @fatcat4.0
    Always remember is not how much you earn but how much you can keep (& invest). Inflated lifestyle is a silent killer to your finance, be careful of the comfortable choices you made.
  • @grys9245
    That 50 y.o. teacher…looks so youthful!
  • @Timholle
    People who kept screaming cost of living in Sg is high are defo the ones who are living beyond their means. It’s high because you sought for it. Housing ex? No, CPF is there to help. Medical ex? Govt subsidies/Medisave/Medicaid/financial aid is there to help. Car ex? As it should be for a tiny island with a pop of millions. But does it hinder you from traveling around? No. Sg has one of the best transport system in the world, you can’t walk more than 15mins without seeing a bus stop anywhere. Can’t retire? Again, we’ve CPF. It’s there to make sure those who’re living beyond their means/have bad financial management etc don’t go hungry. Wife & I each only earn around 4kish, we have a kid & a 5bedder house & are very comfortable. Ofc more $ is better la but people esp the young gen need to learn to live within their means. That also points to how life’s too comfortable & secure here, that people are chasing/greedy to satisfy their wants. Not a bad thing, but within your abilities. You can’t be blaming the govt for you spending > earnings. Because it’ll never be enough
  • @iamavaenergy
    According to a survey conducted by the Singaporean Department of Statistics, the average monthly income for Singaporeans is around S$3,500. However, the amount needed to be comfortable in Singapore depends on lifestyle and commitment. Those who want to live a comfortable life in Singapore should consider their lifestyle and commitment before deciding on an amount that is good enough for them.
  • @mulelos
    Someone has to say this: you can't always be asking people working in the CBD about topics like this.
  • @lecherhao86
    We don't have to compare with others. All of us have different needs, desires and aspirations in life. And there's absolutely nothing wrong to be different from others who are striving for more. At 37, and being the only breadwinner for my family of 2 young kids, i have remained contented with my current life- living in a 3 room house, dining at hawker centre and food court, and travelling on public transport. Our live is simple yet happy. I spend quality time with my children. How many of us can confidently claim that? And yes, I'm a singaporean.. it would be overgeneralizing to infer from the video that 10-15k is a comfortable salary only in Singapore.
  • @ymhktravel
    The answers you get from interviewing someone living in Orchard Rd vs one from a heartland would be very different. Interviewing someone in the financial district vs someone working in industrial estates would also yield different set of answers.
  • @silverchairsg
    Depends on your definition of comfortable lah. Some people need weekly cafe visits, monthly JB trips, 2x/week restaurants and Grab to and from work. Others are content to live simply with hawker center fare and invest the rest. Also there's medical bills, babies, and such to consider too.
  • @hieveryone2003
    1. The interviewer is quite pleasant with very positive vibe. It's nice to watch her. 2. I don't think interviewing in CBD is wrong. We just need additional samples to more broadly represent the population. 3. It's not intended to be authoritative guidance. It's just an interesting, fun video to share what some people think is a comfortable salary. Of course, their opinions rely on a huge number of variables that will be different for each individual.