All Geometry Dash Difficulty Faces Animated

Published 2024-04-21
how did this become a series

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  • @algo.00
    Don't worry, there is still more things to add to the lore. but for when this ends, what would you guys like to see me animate? It doesn't exclusively have to be geometry dash. Thanks for watching, and supporting my channel! There's a lot more projects to come!
  • @waffale8086
    4:07 I love how congregation is considered to be hell in that world
  • @asc-0955
    2:16 Lesson: Do not ever go to the white van, it is dangerous as Easy Demons can trap you into dangerous areas and then an Extreme Demon will eradicate you. Everyone, stay safe.
  • @sir.e
    Special Abilities: * = only touched for one episode, information may be incomplete * N/A: Able to revive dead difficulties, granted that they are buried in a grave. Auto: A super powerful robot capable of flying, encasing others in a robotic shell for protection, and laser vision. Easily the most powerful. Easy: Appears to mentally deficient. Ability yet to be discovered. Normal: When provoked, is able to possess great abilities rivaling that of Auto. * Hard: Criminal investigator/detective. * Harder: able to summon rocks from the air before it reaches the ground, capable of killing most difficulties excluding Auto. * Insane: No known ability. Easy demon: one of Extreme Demon’s right-hand men. Kidnaps Easy and Normal. * Medium Demon: Able to summon bees. Hard Demon: the other right-hand man to Extreme Demon. Owns a basement for the capture of Easy and Normal. * Insane Demon: Able to revive dead difficulties, granted they are encapsulated in Congregation. Extreme Demon: the main antagonist; capable of large explosions. Very dangerous.
  • @Hands455
    All tho I love how easy and normal are like brothers
  • @Difelder
    2:00 i thought they were gonna say kids in the van💀
  • @gud_animation
    The story: Auto slides on over to Normal and says "air detected." Normal then gets spring-locked, he breaks out then goes on a hike with Insane. Normal then says "fire in the hole." Insane gives him that "what have you done" look before getting spring-locked again. He breaks out once again then goes to Easy, they notice some fire in a hole, Easy almost says "fire in the hole" but Normal has since learned his lesson and interrupts Easy before he can finish. An unspecified amount of time later Harder goes up to Easy and Normal and squashes them both by saying "rock on the ground." He then tries to squash Auto but due to them being made out of metal he just angers them then gets blasted by they're laser eyes. N/A then goes to a graveyard to revive Easy and Normal by saying "the shadows from the grave." Meanwhile Hard shows Extreme Demon the place where Harder died, Extreme Demon then goes to hunt Auto. Right after Normal and Easy got revived they go to Easy Demon's van and hop inside. They go on the lightning road and go to Hard Demon's house. Hard Demon then kidnaps them both and shoves them into his basement. Auto notices them both through the tiny window in the basement and says "kids detected" before freeing them both. Extreme Demon then arrives at Hard Demon's house, Extreme Demon then checks the basement only to find that Normal and Easy have escaped, Extreme Demon then says "blood in the bath" before exploding, Auto then spring-locks Easy and Normal to protect them from the blast. Once the dust settles Easy and Normal break out of their metal shells. Extreme Demon then emerges from the crater that was Hard Demon's house before having an epic anime battle with Auto, Easy gets caught in the crossfire and is sadly taken out by Extreme Demon. Normal, now upset that his best friend Easy is now dead unleashes his true power. He says "fire in the hole" before a massive flame erupts from the crater behind him, Extreme Demon then gets sucked into the crater and is sent hurling into the congregation. Normal goes back to normal, Auto saves Easy, and they all lived happily ever after. Until an unspecified amount of time later when Normal goes up to Medium Demon, Medium Demon then says "bees in the hive" which summons a large b, Normal tries to run away from the b but he fails and gets squashed by the b (he's fine). Later Insane Demon learn abouts what happened to Extreme Demon, he then says "magma in the bound" before a massive volcano emerges out of the ground. The volcano erupts launching Extreme Demon out of the congregation back into the real world. To be continued?
  • @floopie286
    This is truly a fire in the hole moment
  • @zeros6576
    Can't wait for Spu7Nix to recreate all this in normal GD
  • Normal is such a good friend to Easy. He made sure he didn't go through a springlock failure.