Tate McRae - "greedy" [2023 Billboard Music Awards]

Published 2023-11-19
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All Comments (21)
  • @malama29
    She has that 2000s aura about her. Shes a great singer, dancer and all round performer
  • @Elias.C.
    As a britney fan I can say that finally a pop girl is giving me WHAT I WANT ❤
  • As a 90s kid, I am genuinely so pleased by this performance. Easy vocals. On-point tight moves. Loveeeeeee this! Okay, big fan now 🎉
  • @Michaelabeauty96
    I definitely see why people say she’s giving 2000’s vibes she’s definitely reminding me of Britney (not saying anyone is 100% like her) but with her abilities in dancing and stage presence for sure giving me that I also really like her voice a lot too!
  • Tate McRae used to be a competitive dancer . I always wanted more dancing from her since I know she can do it. Am glad she’s starting to dance more in her performances.
  • @angelicacrod
    She has all the characteristics of a 2000s superstar like Britney and Janet Jackson: performance, dancing, charisma, the synchronized dancers. I hope she is very successful, she deserves it.
  • @Cyberautist
    She brought the 2000s aesthetics back on stage! Damn! Never thought to miss and need that era so much.
  • @docmanhattan7675
    Millennial here. Gen Z, hang on to this one. She’s a keeper. Talent, looks. You’ll be my age one day listening to her stuff one day remembering the good times.
  • @mwoz14222
    she was serving us hairography, and a proper dance break. please keep ushering back in this era of pop performers. that is what always made POP fun! The music was never deep or thought provoking, but you could always bet there would be a beat and some great choreo
  • @ThonyRachmatS
    She's bringing back the early 2000s Pop for me... Thank you Tate! The millennials & younger generation are going to love her.
  • @Aquarius_vessel
    She is showing her full potential. Amazed by everything on this video: style, body, sensuality, hairography, talent, beautiful voice, amazing choreo... SHE T-AAAAAAATE 💅
  • @russianmarusya59
    Whoever her choreographer is they are fire, she has some of the best dancing skills I seen in a long time in American music
  • @fjmf93
    I am a fan of Britney, and there is only one Britney, but this new artist is the only one who, when dancing, has that fire and aura that Britney had in the 2000s that hypnotizes you with the precision and ease of each movement 🔥
  • @dbpl100
    She's not playing games. I didn't even notice i was missing a pop performer like this! love you already 😍
  • @venusstar2689
    I'm smelling a new pop princess/queen. She gave everything, it's only the beginning. Future pop legend.
  • @alesiaartz
    Tate really is bringing back the early 2000's style of musical performance
  • @JesseIrelandTV
    Love that she’s bringing back the Britney Spears style of performing
  • It’s so refreshing to see actual dancing in performances and not some Tik Tok choreography. 🙏🙏 I hope she continues to bring back that element in the future. The dance break made me want to learn it so bad!! ❤
  • @mamamoj
    I love that she doesn't have Instagram face—a natural beauty letting her talent shine. That dance break was insane; giving me 90s life.