World's SHARPEST Needle!

Published 2023-11-19
Watch how we made this!    • How to pop ANYTHING Like a Balloon  

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Matt and Jordan accidentally find something they shouldn't have.

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All Comments (21)
  • @kennyt5474
    I actually miss these kinda of videos from corridor, just dumb stuff that in the end looks awesome, it's nice that they evolved too more serious things over the years, but it still saddens me that we don't get these more often.
  • @BakersTuts
    Could you imagine jumping into/over the hole in the sidewalk and being blasted into space due to the crazy amount of air being blown? That would be nuts.
  • This is one of their better videos in a while, if feels a little more like old school Corridor 😊
  • This was awesome, I really miss the old style of corridor videos just like this, would be super cool if there was a return to this form of content!
  • @lforlight
    One of the best looking Corridor Digital videos. Usually there's a degree of jank to these, but this one was really high quality. Top notch effects. Well done!
  • @TemronTM
    Now we just need Wren to make one of his science-y videos on what would happen, step-by-step, if the world deflated like that!
  • @Spealer
    This was an incredible video! One of my favorites of yours in recent times :)
  • @omniboy8308
    Still can't believe how far cgi has come from when I was younger. Was grinning through the whole thing. Well done guys!
  • @CartoonCorey
    Guys this was great! I've been a fan for well over 10 years and this felt like one of the old classics! Centered around vfx, but driven by story. Simple, hilarious. Great job! ❤
  • @ComedyBros5
    This was awesome. I've never seen something like this done before but this is glorious. I hope to see more like this from you all more often again - I miss this old Corridor!
  • @WeepinAngel
    The last line delivery was absolutely the pinnacle of this video. I was busy admiring the 3D model scans you guys did because I bought my own scanner and the comedy was a bit lost to me, but the absolute last thing I expected from this video was that line delivery lmao
  • @jeremyude
    I love these short films that follow a simple premise but are executed so perfectly. Please more of those :)
  • @TracksWithDax
    I LOVE this, is so cool seeing you guys go back to that classic quirky Corridor Sam and Niko feel. Matt and Jordan and the gang captured it perfectly!
    This video was such a wild ride from start to finish! Absolutely loved the high adrenaline scenes and the 'needle' concept was super unique. Great job guys, always pushing the envelope! Oh and happy belated birthday! 🎉
  • Goes to show everyone how long it takes to make short movies. People should appreciate all your hard work behind the scenes. Well done
  • @SalveASMR
    This video proves that Jordan was one of the best New comers on Corridor. He understood the assignment and he executes it with passion.
  • This gives me 2013 YouTube vibes and I'm all for it, keep up the great work guys.
  • @DoctorNemmo
    Impressive. I saw the backstage video first, and I'm still impressed. The walking while deflated is my favourite part.
  • @sinaimay
    I really enjoy Jordan and Matt content, it is always fresh and chaotic. 😂
  • @LineageView
    Loved this! Felt super Old School Corridor, even without Sam and Niko on camera!