13 Types of Students in a Science Fair

Published 2023-05-28
On the season finale of Study Buddies, Team Hao and Team Denise go head-to-head in the science fair. Will the study buddies allow the competition to tear apart their friendship? [Study Buddies #8, Titan Academy #90]
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All Comments (21)
  • @jianhao
    Thank you for watching the study buddies series. Your support has meant so much to us. Until season 2, see you back in Class T1-T5 - study buddies
  • @Halallayab
    I really felt like JianHao was the bigger person here because even though half of the study buddies underestimated his project, at the end, he was the true winner but decided to share it with the study buddies just for FRIENDSHIP which I think is amazing but I want him to know himself that he knows he tried his best
  • Love the story starting to come together! Just an idea I had at the back of my head: Vincent has a character of being... arrogant? Too open? The kind of friend everyone does not quite like but doesnt tell him because they feel bad for him. And I have had a friend somewhat like this before, where he was not quite well liked by many, but people avoided confronting him because they feel bad. However, later on someone cracked and spilled all his flaws onto him, and he became more quiet, more self aware, and started talking to people less because he did not want to be a hindrance to everyone. I was thinking what if this happened to Vincent in the story, where someone spilled it all on him, and he shut almost everyone out, and needed someone like... Maddie to re-balance him socially, and he realises how much he didnt value her enough, and starts treating her better? Just a possible story idea that I though would be cool :D
  • I have a theory: perhaps Mr. Alan bribed the judges to give the "Ice melts to become water" project the first prize. I mean, come on, let's be honest, when Jianhao's robot put out the fire on Denise's project, everyone in the room was super impressed and it was clear as day that his team was the rightful winner. But Mr. Alan could not let that happen, so in a desperate attempt, he wanted to make sure that whichever team Denise is in loses. And since he is a very rich man, he could afford to bribe the judges.
  • @labiba4419
    It is lovely to see how Juyluns’ character is growing and she started out as just a small character and now has so much traits and so much more to find out and know! ❤
  • The simple project of “ice melts into water” winning the first place flashes back my memory of me winning my school’s science fair about friction. No one expected this, including me!
  • @ronikrishiyer
    It's nice to see a change of heart in Teverly. I can't wait for season 2. So exciting!
  • @zmgorl
    We all thought that Teverly was bad but after this science fair he truly just wanted some friends and doesn’t want Mr Alan to ruin it 😅 Love how the story’s going❤❤❤❤
  • I love how Denise is being a calm boss and she just told Vincent to stay out of trouble
  • @VVV_186
    Theory:Mr Alan is maybe jianhao tan father.
  • @Lilly-ed5qx
    I feel like Teverly should tell the “study buddies” so they can help him out. They might be able to come up with a plan to stop Mr.Alan… love the character’s development throughout the series. Can’t wait for season 2❤
  • @aiachi09
    The fact that Teverly and Diana are probably going to have more screen time and are going to be one of the main characters just proves how much their character has devolped. These character devolpments are amazing Jianhao! Good job!
  • @livelifehowitis
    3:59 had me laughing so hard in class i got yelled at lolll, love your content and the team! You guys work so hard to make content for us, thats what makes it extra enjoyable! Keep up the hard work you guys!
  • My theory: In the decathlon, Teverly does not betray the study buddies and instead helps them win at which Mr.Alan gets mad. He might be a judge in the decathlon as well and after its done, he threatens to cancel Teverly's and Diana's scholarships. However, as he might have a mic on if he is the judge, his threatens might be heard on speaker by everyone and he loses his title as head of the organization.
  • @BobTheBeird
    Ren Yi Xiang has been the funniest character to me throughout these latest episodes. Made me happy! 😂