'LITTLE' 13 year old Ed Sheeran with INCREDIBE voice - Hallelujah Allie Sherlock Cover &Fionn Whelan

Published 2023-12-02
Hallelujah Leonard Hallelujah by Allie Sherlock & Fionn Whelan

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Meet the newest kid on the block of Grafton Street... this is Fionn Whelan.. the next Ed Sheeran,

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All Comments (21)
  • @nancyweakley2070
    WOW!! Both sound so beautiful what a great performance! Love It! What voice they have ! Beautiful voices I can't believe that little boy has that voice that just pulls you in. Look at the people I have never watched one of these little video clips like this one where there out in the open singing. To have this many people stop and gathering, watching, listening! 👍👍
    🎶🎤🎶 🥰🐾
  • I’ve liked this song for years and never thought I would hear a better version of it than the original, these two absolutely smashed it , fantastic 👏🏼
  • @johnezekiel7031
    Allie is amazing1 Giving this young boy he chance to sing with her was wonderful, they are both great singers!
  • This kid has done this before he's so calm and seems really in his element keep it up kid you'll go places young Ed Sheeran
  • @pollenhead
    The first time I ever heard of Allie was when she did Hallelujah 5 years ago when she was 13. I had gotten jaded of the song over the years but it came up as a recommendation so I listened to this young girl sing and became an instant fan. I have been following Fionn Whelan and think he is amazing. It was indeed amazing to hear this talented duo sing the best rendition of Hallelujah I have ever heard. Bravo.
  • @bbshellbell2106
    In addition to a beautiful rendition it comes at a time when the world needs to believe that hope amd joy exist. May we all spread warmth, love and kindness to each other. Hallelujah, indeed.
  • @pattymintz9427
    I felt too it was weird that people were scurrying by and missing an amazing live performance by two amazing voices. I had chills from the talent and beauty of the entire scene..
  • @Vickie...
    I can't believe people just walk past so casually! Absolutely incredible, Allie and Fionn's Voices complement each other perfectly. Fionn is a star in the making, a bright future ahead for him! 👏🥰
    Love hearing Allie harmonize with this lad. Subtle. Kid gave me the chills. Well done.
  • @Music.Lover124
    Allie's music unfolds moments of harmonic grace, unforgettable beauty and deep emotionality when she sings the touching Leonard Cohen song "Hallelujah" together with little Jeff Buckley. 🎈
    She is a master at capturing their extraordinary emotions in every single note and tone. She magically weaves a captivating kaleidoscope of beguiling emotions that enchants the senses while her fantastic guitar playing shines.
    This is a true manifestation of her artistic brilliance and unique personality. A true master of interpretation, she also lends a distinctive style to the fantastic song "Hallelujah".
    Her radiant stage presence lights up the entire Grafton Street and leaves an unforgettable glow in the hearts of her audience. Her charming, natural and radiant smile enhances this effect and acts like the sun itself. 🎸🎤🎤
  • @balancedstone
    I really can't get enough of this pairing 👏👏👏
  • @annward4149
    They both have beautiful voices.
    I'd like to hear from you both singing more songs together. Allie you are awesome to give this boy a chance to show his talent. ❤️
  • @pendragon2012
    First cover I ever heard by Allie Sherlock was this song. Holds a special place in my heart for that reason alone!
  • @nobodynobody6216
    both beautiful voices. the boys voice reaches a place where I almost want to cry...wow. i don't know what it is.
  • @KayceeLeeigh
    Fionn is incredible! Thanks for sharing - your videos always make my day.
  • @user-qw7vo4nb1i
    Pure talent without having machine doing it. God bless you for sharing. Beautiful and uplifting for the many who enjoy great music! Thank you!
  • @mawrthvallis2788
    This performance was so amazing that I'm glad you reposted it.
  • @janetdobie9722
    The young boy has a lovely, emotional cry in his voice
    Bravo! To both singers...❤
  • @MrEffdot
    They both have so much feeling for the song, it's beautiful
  • @judygregg1852
    WOW! So much talent! You both have great places to go in 2024! God bless you both! ❤❤❤