Why Rolls-Royce Cars Are So Expensive | So Expensive

Published 2020-04-25
Rolls-Royce makes some of the world's most luxurious and expensive cars. Known for producing hand-crafted automobiles that promise a seamless "magical carpet ride" for its customers, Rolls-Royce's cars do not come cheap. With virtually unlimited optional extras, upgrades, and customizations, the true cost of a bespoke Rolls-Royce has no limits. So what are some of those bespoke extras? And is that what makes Rolls-Royces so expensive?

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Why Rolls-Royce Cars Are So Expensive | So Expensive

All Comments (21)
  • James Power
    "Rolls-Royce refuses to discuss base pricing" Translation: if you have to ask, you cant afford it.
  • beakt
    I love how everyone in this video talks exactly as you expect a Rolls-Royce employee to speak.
  • Rich Life
    I drove a Rolls Royce as a bellman in college. I can say it was one of the most awe-inspiring experiences I’ve had behind the wheel… not because I found myself in one, but because of the way it functioned. While doing that job, I drove almost every supercar you can imagine and nothing else compares. The thing that strikes you first is how it goes into gear. Actually, it doesn’t. I wasn’t sure I was in drive because there was no click or lurch as the transmission engaged. It just… was in gear. As you hit the gas, it doesn’t jerk or anything… it just glides. And it’s so true that you do not feel any bumps or potholes. You feel like you are floating. I was so in awe of the engineering and how they were able to accomplish this in the suspension on such a heavy car. The video discusses sensory deprivation and I can completely understand this. I’m not sure I would ever own one because I like the experience of driving and in certain circumstances it’s crucial to feel the road. It’s certainly an experience I’ll never forget.
  • No Fullname
    I have a Rolls-Royce. I customized it so that every single component was replaced with a component of a 2011 Honda CR-V. Very bespoke.
  • Cole Chapman
    Honestly, I do like Rolls Royce. It's not out of a desire to be a part of bling culture or to be able to brag to everyone that I spent so much for a car, but to just be able to appreciate the level of craftsmanship required to make even one Rolls Royce seat or one fuel filler cap. No other car is made with such care, Bentley's even aren't as nice, and for that reason, they always have my respect.
  • I'm not into luxury cars (or anything luxury tbh) but I'm just amazed at how much work and precision it takes to make 1 car.
  • I'm still struggling to comprehend a person giving them a bag of diamonds. To crush. To finish a car with.
  • Angus Orvid
    I've ridden in a number of Rolls and it's like gliding on air. I think of them as cars that are meant to be driven in, rather than driven. It's more about the rider's perspective, and that tells you something about the market for these cars. They are like limos.
  • Lappmogel
    Looks like a decent place to work at, the limited production series means you wont be replaced by a machine and also make the job not as repetetive. I wonder what the price per work hour is compared to a regular car.
  • The Muralist
    They're just pieces of art. All of them. Inside, outside. Beautiful to see the dedication from the Rolls Royce company to deliver a unique art piece every single time again, year after year.
  • I've never looked at a supercar and had any desire to own one, but I have to admit I would totally get one of these if I had the money. Looks absolutely class. Noise insulation sounds like a great thing to have as well
  • james fiaco
    It's incredible as much time as they span in the exterior you would think the safety features would be above and beyond all other vehicles.
  • Jim Gilman
    A Roll Royce never "breaks down" - they just "fail to proceed".
  • Hassan AG
    I really felt this (08:16). You simply can not argue and must have understanding of why RR cars are expensive. "But while other top-end car manufacturers focus on speed, maneuverability and super-lightweight-supercar status, Rolls Royce cars are expensive for one reason: LUXURY"
  • NomaD
    Price is totally justified. That's some serious craftsmanship right there.
  • osulxa
    So cool. I've always loved the Ghost. Good to see this craftsmanship still exists, even if it is out of reach for most people. Got to love British luxury. They set the bar for the best in the world.
  • 1492tomato
    I learned several years ago that more wood and leather than actually needed is assigned to each individual auto. What's left over after production is stamped with the serial number of the car and placed in climate-controlled storage. If any of the wood/leather in the Rolls ever needs replacement, it will be cut from the original production lot - rendering a perfect match. Unbelievable.
  • bh617
    For the price, I respect this kind of customer service and quality much more than car companies whose cost is based entirely around the engine..
  • Ducks
    This mad lad, this beast. This absolute psycopath. Paints free-hand.

    This man knows no fear
  • Dark '-'
    Seeing the production of such luxury cars simply leaves me astonished again and again. Absolutlely crazy