Amazing Hair Transformations You Won't Believe

Published 2021-04-21

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  • Mary Kast
    she attacks
    she snacks
    she does 5 minute hacks
    but most importantly
    she's the leader of our wolfpack
  • The Vo Family
    To answer everyone’s question: yes, we can all appreciate how she did her hair and spends her time for us :>
  • Alisa Aksakal
    i love how she just gets to the point of the video unlike other youtubers
  • aoxiexx☁️
    Can we appreciate those little hair clips eating her hair 😂
  • Can we appreciate how Lia posts everyday a video just to make us happy?
  • She attacks
    She snacks
    She does 5 minute hacks
    But most importantly
    She the leader of our wolfpack
    Credits to Mary Cast
  • woniecore
    Those hair clips in her hair look so pretty and colorful, the sentence "hello friends it's me!" will always be iconic
  • Clara Bishop
    Who else just found her videos one day and now it's an everyday thing? Love you Lia!
  • Only long timer subscribers can remember “it’s your favourite messy hair YouTuber” Bring it back SniperWolf.
  • Ipæd_kid
    I love how she watching hair hacks with beautiful hair already
  • Talesha Hudson
    I just love the the way how she puts out the effort to upload new videos everyday ❤️
  • Kit West
    Can we talk about the fact that Lia is rockin' them colorful rainbow mini hair clips
  • Chino Bautista
    Only OG's will remember when she started adding subtitles in her intros every day
  • Anna Ajmal
    On 2:23...She was looking actually cute with that big eyes 👀❣️
  • Anisha Anil
    We always feel some sort of sad when her videos end... We actually can sit for hours and hours and watch her videos for an entire day ❤️🤗
  • luvzols☻︎
    Can we just appreciate that she calls us ⭐️friends⭐️