World's Most Advanced Stunt Robots

Published 2022-08-13
Artificial intelligence has made monumental jumps in advancement, to the point where these robots are able to perform stunts and even communicate with human life. Companies like Boston Dynamics and Engineered Arts are spending millions of dollars on research and development for this insane technology. In this episode of Xplained we explore the methods and processes behind these sci-fi like advanced robotics and show the pinnacle of what current technology has brought us.

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  • Amazing technology! But it's kinda scary how life-like robots are getting. Love that this series has its own channel now.❤️❤️❤️
  • "This kind of robot will be used to ask where's the bathroom!" Seriously? That aside, the facial expressions were very impressive. Amazing progress and phenomenal engineering and design skills. Is there any content on Boston Dynamics ' and Disney's animation first design processes. I'd love to see how the teams work together, lessons they've learned because the speed of their progress is beyond impressive. What is the role of managers in this cooperative endeavour?
  • I'm astonished at the computing and mechanical technology required to get even the models shown to work as well as they do. Watching the balancing adjustments after Atlas jumps makes the hair on my arm stand up. And one wonders what the manufacturers haven't revealed yet....
  • @CheMechanical
    My daughter and I went to the DARPA finals in Pomona several years ago. We saw an earlier version of the ATLAS (still tethered) and a lot of other robots during event. Memories for a lifetime.
  • I was lucky enough to be around during the start up of this 'industry', witnessing robotics taking over many manufacturing jobs at first, then being around actual AI at Disney (as a supplier). Knew this was coming for a long time. But life imitates art sometimes, as well as visa-versa. Let's see what happens, but not forget the Terminator movies either. There's already automated robots used in military operations, including of course drones... and I specifically mean those that are autonomous.
  • This channel is phenomenal. I don't know why it only says it has 31,000 subscribers because it should have 31 million. That's what I thought at first it was going to say. I'll be honest AI scares the s*** out of me but when you guys put it into those layman's terms it isn't so bad so cool. Keep up the good work
  • @CharlieFar13y
    It’s no secret that computers can think at phenomenal speed, but can we jut take a moment to appreciate the fact that the actuators (or whatever they use) that physically move the limbs around are lightning fast and able to be that fast still when moving with ???lbs of resistance…
  • @Robbo123
    Absolutely love this type of content! Keep it up! 🔥👍
  • @sazci3548
    It's amazing how these intelligent humanoid robots just created themselves without the need of an intelligent designer.
  • @user-zt7ej3bq8r
    I really like it, but there’s one thing still makes me curious, what do you think if you combined the Spider-Man robot with the one that can impressions.
  • I have controlled and interacted with the Boston Dynamics yellow Dog. it's a pretty cool robot but I think it still needs some work. it can traverse obstacles and stairs etc pretty well but it has some issues still to be worked out. they are constantly improving it, and adding things to it to increase its capabilities. My brother works for a company that is helping them increase its usefulness in warehouses etc. unfortunately I think it needs a lot more work. it's a very cool robot and quite expensive. it's already deployed to some customers and they are constantly finding new uses for it.
  • @e-tones2638
    I'm surrounded by robots all day long. This is Incredible though. How for we've come in such a short amount of time.
  • @saad2893
    Those robots will definitely change the way we live
  • @Togidubnus
    3:38 Can't believe that Leonardo still gets credit as some sort of technological marvel. It's a drone, with legs dangling underneath. Those legs might as well be two pieces of rope. The slack-line thing it does is no sort of trick: no balance required, the spinning rotors stop it not only from falling over, but falling at all.
  • @pompeyboyful
    The terrifying reality is that these computers can make hundreds of thousands calculations in a mili second. The shots we are seeing here are way, way outdated. Even in 2018 Elon Musk said he knew for a fact that these things could already move so fast you would need a slo mo camera or strobe light to see it happen. The latest info is that the four legged version is already tested capable of covering 100M in less than 3.4 seconds, and that’s whilst completing pre programmed manoeuvres. When weaponised, with flying capability and able to make sentient, calculated decisions they won’t just be unstoppable, they will have completed the mission before any human even knows there is something that needs to be stopped. 😮
  • @Maulinator69
    As incredible as these machines are, it's also kinda terrifying because it is LITERALLY only a matter of time before these things are carrying weapons and being sent into combat... making decisions based upon algorithms and pre programmed agendas rather than intuition and human decision making.
  • @mmarcooliveiraa
    I study electronic, telecommunications and computer sciencies, there are more of 40 years, and never could think in this evolution skills possibilities about these robots like as today, in the past...
    I am very impressioned for this
  • @kshroon1
    Very informative and interesting, thank you!