Eli Manning goes undercover as a College Football walk-on 😎 | Eli’s Places

Published 2022-09-19

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  • Eli walked into that makeup artist at 41 years old and walked out at 46 and a half years old. Genius.
  • BradiKal61
    Him saying his mom wasn't smart but she was a good coach was gold
  • I love the coach getting all excited, “I think I see something in him” lol
  • Don Stanford
    Imagine what these young men are thinking that this guy is making us look bad and then they find out who he is. It would be one part relief and one part thrilled to meet him.
  • Anonymous
    "I was homeschooled. My mom was my coach" - Eli Manning
  • Corbin Badrian
    Eli always looked small in the NFL, but next to these guys he's a monster
  • John John
    Eli's comedic timing is spot on. I died when he talked about Peyton's forehead 🤣
  • nicole morrow
    This was so funny. That coach really wanted to sign him. 😆
  • Qasim Qureshi
    I love the manning brothers. They are just pure entertainment on or off the field
  • The Mannings' are hilarious. They do the best sketches. "Think fast run fast"!! Chad is the man!!
  • Props to the one coach who saw the talent and wanted to sign him despite the bad physicals
  • Anil Kakar
    The Manning brothers are American treasures. I'm so glad we get to see this side of Eli.
  • Joe Aiden
    I really love how happy the team was for Barney the walk on!! Showing a lotta love. 😊😀
  • As a Patriots fan, I have every reason to dislike Eli (and Peyton, for that matter), but I can't. Everything they do on commercials and on something like this is hilarious. They both seem like genuinely nice guys and humble as can be. Archie did a great job raising those boys.
  • don
    The disappointment on the coach’s face when Eli took the face off and he found out he couldn’t sign him was hilarious😂
  • xGuUdAxCOAx
    “I hope these receivers got speed…Chad has a hose for an arm!”….I can’t stop laughing.
  • Derek Selvidge
    Loved this episode, so funny! Great job Coach Franklin and Penn State for allowing this episode to be filmed in their facility. This is a serious thing many teams (if not all teams) do for players. It was great seeing behind the scenes. It was also great to see those young men putting their hopes and dreams out there for us all to see. Thanks to all. Well done!