Game Deals - Scott The Woz

Published 2022-11-20

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  • Thomas
    What Scott wants in his $70 games:

    A sense of humor
    Good looking
    Debt Forgiveness
    Clean Laundry
    Clean Hamper
    Dirty Clothes
    A Mini-Fridge
    Not a Fridge
    Ants (The Bug)
    Aunts (The Bug)
    Smooth Controls
    A Nice Menu
    A Nice Father
    A Bratty Younger Brother
    A Brother
    Fleas (The Bug)
    A Witch
    Two Witches
    A Third Witches?
    No, That's Too Much
    Go Back to Two
    Two Was a Good Number for Witches
    You Know What?
    Three Was Fine
    Good Gameplay
    A Clean Bill of Health
  • Sophia Miller
    Kinda surprised the Orange Box never once got mentioned, that was probably one of the most insane deals ever seen in gaming and no other deal has ever topped it.
  • TimeBucks
    He never disappoints us with his content
  • Sophia Miller
    Scott the Woz has always been my most trusted financial advisor
  • Bob Barrows
    It's crazy how common this is in the gaming industry, like imagine if movies release with half finished CGI and they told you that the DVD will be finished
  • The Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii was the best deal I've ever gotten in gaming. Three amazing games for $60 when it first came out? Yes please.
  • Vailskibum
    All is right in the world when we finally get another Sunday Scott The Woz drop
  • Hard 2 Place
    Hollow Knight for $15 was and still is honestly a great deal. The amount of content in that game is easily comparable to most AAA games released around the same time such as Mario Odyssey, but not only is the post-final boss stuff way more entertaining and replayable in Hollow Knight IMO, they also released four DLCs that were all free at launch that gave an extra 20+ hours of content or something like that. I would have paid $60 for the game but $15 was an amazing deal. I really hope Silksong isn't $60 though because I'm broke lol
  • Kanto
    Also, loving the return to ~20 minute, more focused videos. The skits are funny, you and your friends are hilarious, but personally I watch your videos for your insight and the dense nature of the content / research you put into them
  • The amount of technology Scott has broken for our amusement. What a true Chad
  • soda
    Scott having all of his videos free to watch is the best deal in history
  • Ari the when
    Scott making his videos free to watch is a deal of it's own
  • An incredible deal was the assassins creed rebel collection on switch, it’s basically always on sale for $15 and includes Assassins Creed: Black Flag, Assassins Creed: Freedom Cry, and Assassins Creed: Rouge. That’s three BIG open world games for 15 bucks, I got 40 hours in it so far and I’m not even close to being done with black flag ALONE.

    And if you have to ask, every single one of them runs absolutely flawlessly on switch, docked or portable.
  • Princess Key
    I love how he can never disappoint us with his content :-o
  • Captain Chrono
    This seems like a great launching point for a Scott the Woz spin off series where he takes the weeks deals in gaming and rates them by "Good" "Eh" and "Bad" respectively
  • Surprised i didn’t see “The Orange Box” on this list.
    That is to me the best game bundle to ever grace this planet.
  • Retrostalgia
    I’m actually shocked at the prices of games in the US. Switch games in Australia are the equivalent of about $45USD
  • IcedCappLord
    Man said "game deals" and showed a first party Switch game. Fantastic humor as always Scott
  • zfg hbs2813
    The sheer amount of time he takes and care he uses and implements into these vids are insane we appreciate it Luke
  • I remember back in 2005 one of Target's holiday flyers mistakenly showed the original DS as being $99.99 during Black Friday week when that price was meant for the GBA. Target still honored the deal in store though and I got a brand spanking new DS for only $100.