Published 2022-02-16
02/16/2022 UPDATE: In This Segment, Keith And Jay Discuss The Latest FORD BRONCO NEWS Regarding 2021 Bronco Owners With UNDELIVERED Orders. As Their INCOMPLETE 2021 BRONCOS Continue To Sit On ICE MOUNTAIN Waiting For Various Components To Complete The Build, FORD Wanted To Do Something Nice For Their Troubles By Sending Each Owner A Free FORD BRONCO BACKPACK Which Includes A Roadside Emergency Kit. Yep...You Heard That Right... A Backpack. WOW...Really? That's it? Ok, Well....We Would have Added one of these anyway and the contents are really useful with a Fold Up Shovel, Zip Ties And Emergency Blanket To Name A Few Items, However...We Are Pretty Certain These Owners Would Really Like Their BRONCOS.... FORD!!!!

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All Comments (7)
  • Bart Hardy
    Mine is on Ice Mountain. Blend date was January 15th and Dealership is showing it's built waiting for chip. There was to be 2375 Bronco's built just on my blend date so imagine how many are sitting outside.
  • Cary Cmpagna
    Reservation holder from the 2nd day still have not received my Bronco
    WTF, Ordered one from my local dealer December, 22nd It's here today so if you guys want a 2022 late in the year I got an extra one
  • jessebfly
    July 2020 reservation holder here. 2x ordered for new MY’s. No communication from Ford. I have a flag, a poster, a hammock, and a stupid desk calendar which I think is a sick joke at this point. This whole roll out has been a complete clusterf##k.
  • ronald steiger
    Be nice if the guy in the orange shirt stoped interrupting the guy with the cap on.
    Made it hard to watch!