Character Sheets - Making a TTRPG From Scratch [Episode 23]

Published 2021-05-05

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  • Drudenfusz
    Still working slowly through your playlist. It is interesting that this video almost got the 96 likes, which I guess some later video will achieve since I see you made recently the video about the 96 pages (have not watched it yet).

    I have two things I wanted to say, first about the attributes and skills, I would suggest taking a look at Cortex Prime, they are very similar gerad of having dice of various sizes being put together, having a 1 one the die as something negative. But the two stats have not to be the traditional attribute and skill, but they have plenty of other options to go with. And with the 1 being an issue, they usually treat d4 as an untrained or unskilled die, and actual competency begins at the d6. That seems to make sense to me, and well, I could have commented that already on the last video, but well I had been lazy yesterday watching that.

    The other thing is just personal preference, I don't like to write and erase on my character sheet, so I find that paperclip method not bad, but I simply use transparent sheet protectors on which I write with dry erase markers.
  • I just as the 96th like!!!!
    Hope you’re still filled with the desire to create.
    Best wishes
  • Tiyev
    Paperclips to track resources? Pretty creative. This is unironically a 'write that down, write that down,' kind of idea. I'm not going to name any names, but I expect this idea to be stolen, or paid homage to.