The LEGO® Story

Published 2012-08-10

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  • Forumized
    What an inspiring backstory, I never thought that lego started like this.
  • Milo Scott
    “He thought maybe he should start making toys.”
    I think we can all agree that idea turned out pretty well.
    Without my boi Ole my channel wouldn't even exist
  • Ender White
    “Only the best is good enough because children deserve the best”

    Brought tears to my eyes
  • Godtfred found a way to make the Lego bricks stay together, but didn't find a way to NOT make them hurt when you step on them. Ah yes, quality indeed 👌
  • C Blake
    This guy had no idea the impact he would have on the world. BIONICLE is not just my favorite LEGO franchise, but one of my favorite fictional universes, and I likely wouldn't have it if not for Oleg, Gottfriend and all of their help. (And some thanks to my Polynesian heritage)
  • that guy fr
    This guy doesn't know how he made so many childhoods happy
  • Garish
    Olé’s wife: At least now it can’t get much worse.
    Narrator: *BUT IT DID GET WORSE!*
  • I remember watching this when I was a kid since I was insanely into lego. Re-watching this gives me so much nostalgia.
  • Rusty Cage
    "no one else could see the potential" as he inspects a plastic brick that he got from a convention made by someone else
  • Inkamar
    A heartwarming story indeed.

    Jokes aside, the story was great. May Lego continue to make all people (not just the children) happy for generations to come.
  • Heisenberg
    This is better than any feature length film ever made
  • ashkboos1000
    rest in peace Ole Kirk Christiansen. I am 40 and I still buying Legos for myself. Every year I buy one set for my son and another set for myself and we sit and build them. Love Legos.
  • Problemaster
    We need a remaster of this masterpiece.
    I mean the animation
  • Godtfred learned that day that only the best is good enough. So many decades later, when the fans asked for a phase 2 commander Cody minifigure, LEGO changed their motto to the phrase “it’s good enough”.
  • Incepter
    What an amazing origin story of how the LEGO company started, it does remind me of my childhood when I watched this animation video and then started taking interest in Legos.
  • Funko
    Watched this 9 years ago when it was uploaded, still a great short animation with the Lego founders. Definitely one of my favorite moments on building with pieces of legos
  • Matteo Rossi
    I can't find the words to describe how good this animation is
  • I watched this video for a school research i decided to do and really I couldn´t help but cry in tears of joy for all the happines this company and it´s legacy has brought to my life.
  • Truly inspiring.

    I stepped on a Lego last week though. You know how it felt.