8 Struggles Margot Robbie Went Through To Become Harley Quinn |⭐ OSSA

Published 2020-02-02
Margot Robbie went through a lot of struggles to become Harley Quinn. Although Robbie did not have an audition to star in the Suicide Squad, the role of DC supervillain demanded months of preparation and sacrifice.

Margot read tons of comic books, studied psychology, found a voice for her character and got into her best shape ever.

Robbie was so good and convincing as Harley Quinn, that she now has her own movie, Birds of Prey.

What was the most hateful thing that Margot Robbie had to do on set?
How did she learn to hold her breath underwater for five minutes?
What was so annoying about the Joker that made Margot crave Harley Quinn’s break up with him?

Watch this video to learn the price of transformation into Harley Quinn.

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All Comments (21)
  • Lonna
    Let’s be honest Harley Quinn CARRIED suicide squad on her back
  • Nyanyanya821
    I knew she trained intensely which is amazing, but it's also amazing to know how much research and preparation she did to respect the character. Love her.
  • Joshua Weston
    After watching this, I now realize, Margot Robbie was the best part of Suicide Squad
  • AnnaArtsy!
    She was honestly the best actress for this persona let's be honest.
  • Bully Maguire
    I wonder if her and Gal Gadot's backs hurt from carrying DC
  • Ty
    Margot is honestly iconic
  • エーバリン
    i still can’t believe some people ACTUALLY trashed the movie when it was announced to be coming out just because it was produced by women. it was absolutely ridiculous, and the movie was even so good!
  • dudurandal
    in suicide squad, joker looked as if he actually loved harley, i just wish for there to be a movie about harley and joker, played by ofc margot, and jared leto
  • Samuel
    I love Margot, she deserves an Oscar
  • Andrea Duran
    I absolutely loved Birds of Prey and I get why she wanted Quinn to stray away from the toxic relationship, but I still really, really want to see a Quinn and Joker love story! Sorry, not sorry!
  • Ursa Minor
    They wanted the outfit to be more realistic... so they put her in a pair of got-damned high heels.
  • C Johnson
    For anyone saying that her costume was made to be overly sexy just to please men--go read the New 52 comics, that's where the costume is based from. And actually, she is a lot more sexualized in all the comic books-the movie toned it down a bit.
    Side note: in Harley's original comics,she wears a sheer red nightie,a sexy nurse costume, and has a lot of very sexual suggestive dialogue.
  • vince west
    everything Margot Robbie does is ALWAYS BETTER than expected.
  • Kiwi Baby
    She should of won an award!!! She did amazing work and trained so hard for it.
  • OSSA
    Margo's commitment to her role deserves respect! What do you think, should all actors do such thorough research for their characters, like Margo did?
  • take me home.
    what about her perfect Harley Quinn laugh when she ran with a cart at a grocery store on Birds of Prey? she really killed it.
  • Luis Cordoba
    Bro, Harley WAS NOT a Psychologist, she was a PhD Psychiatrist and the difference is HUGE!!!