My Top Stocks To Buy - NO RISK, JUST UPSIDE!!!

Published 2024-03-30
Here are my top stocks to buy from my research platform, check it out, see how it fits you and let me know. If you are a sophisticated investor looking for in depth, independent stock analyses and investing ideas, here is my STOCK MARKET RESEARCH PLATFORM (business and sector risk and reward analysis, my portfolios):


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  • @Snowfire96
    I just watched a 15 minute ad with a clickbait titel. Please don't become one of those youtubers...
  • @NudelKungen.
    This is a 15 min ad for his platform, don’t watch this if you are waiting for 5 stocks. I’m fine with some clickbait but this is just lying, I’m unsubscribing, content on this channel have sadly gone downhill lately.
  • @erikm9768
    So where are the top stocks Sven? I knew this was a playful title so i just skimmed through in 5 seconds, but its a bit annoying at the same time. Also new viewers will not get it.
  • @midasderrek
    It is utterly irresponsible to refer to anything in stock investing as no risk
  • @Luke_735
    Hi, Sven, Curious to hear your thoughts on Boeing. Is now a time to buy?
  • Sven, I like your content but oftentimes you’re not precise. The caption clearly states “my top 5 stocks”. Instead we’re getting something else. I feel your thoughts are not channeled and I end the video with questions oftentimes. Just my 2 cents.
  • @RD12349
    I bought tesla at all time high and down over 50%. Idk if I should sell or hold. What do you advise? Thanks.
  • @Tuxiii808
    This is advertising, please name it so!
  • @IPQ-sj2zs
    Can one sort the research on the platform by buy, hold, sell?
  • @cervelo9465
    A 15 minutes long sales presentation. I doubt that even the late great Charlie Munger would approve, of such a sales presentation. Small investors and large investors could do a lot worse than putting their monies with Berkshire Hathaway. Subscription, $499 per year. Subscription for 10 years, $4,990. But only $1.37 per day equivalent. I would think that investors need to keep adding a significant % of their monthly income on a monthly basis to grow that money using compounding effects.
  • @phvaessen
    the value of Sven's research platform is to learn HOW to invest, not WHAT to buy at a specific moment in time. How to value a business' intrinsic value, how to think long term and not jump on every rumour. Investing requires accumulating experience, and Sven can help you shorten the learning cycle and reduce the risk of failure. That'a many time the value of the fee. The list of stock Sven is investing in are also top quality. he is exposing what he buys & sells and has proven to be succesful over the years. That's hands-on experience transfert.
  • @supermiladi7864
    Awful clickbait!!! Come on sven, why are you wasting our time????? Talk ab
  • what do u want guys? a free lunch? this guy worked hard to provide solid analysis. i have 25 years as investment bank trader, only in pure quant trading, so, no experience in value investing. but one thing for sure, his work go deep and not superficial. do u know guys how much pays those silly customers of big banks to get access to the so called analysts research. if u are too stingy to drop 500 bucks, dont trade the market! great job! his work is extremely valuable.
  • Sven you have a great channel. You’re in your own lane. I’m a happy subscriber to your channel. Have a great 2024 happy, heathy and a money making year.
  • @fmg4537
    Great channel Sven. My brother and I follow your channel. I keep hearing gold and silver stocks will do well soon. Can you analyze a few? :)
  • @coindrop
    Bad title for this one, ill watch the next, thanks.