Google Panics Over ChatGPT [The AI Wars Have Begun]

Published 2023-02-06
Google's newly announced BARD AI system is mentioned at 12:25
In this episode we see why Google has called a code red because of ChatGPT but why? Why is ChatGPT such a threat? And what are Google doing about it? In this episode we find out.

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Producer: Dagogo Altraide
Writer: Meehan Kathan and Dagogo Altraide
Editor: Tanzim Uddin and Dagogo Altraide

All Comments (21)
  • @velosofy
    A question that comes to mind is that if all results of search engines will be based on historical data and ai generated data. Would this mean the death of content creators that write the articles and blogs where this data is originally from?

    How would this be sustainable in the future if no new content will be written anymore since AI has taken over here.
  • @matthewharris517
    One thing I always HATED about Google was their oversaturation of ads
  • @jonathansl109
    It's crazy how long the voice assistant have existed and how they have just stagnated, nearly 10 years ago I remember using the Google voice assistant and it was crappy but since it was new... And now it's as crappy as ever, Siri is even older... Really mind-blowing to think how little those products have improved.
  • @VidZooCo
    It's delightful to see Google with a genuine rival once again. From time to time, the colossus gets too comfortable and needs a reminder of what it's like to be in a real battle. Bing-oh!
  • @Anonymous-qb4vc
    There was time when people used to think AI and machines can never take over creative jobs and here we are.
  • My thoughts: I would love to see Bing become a real contender in search and I'd love for this to work out. Google has thoroughly dropped the "don't be evil" mantra (officially dropped it and also, obviously dropped it) and Microsoft of new seems to be a lot more ethical than Google - but at the same time, Microsoft bungle everything consumer facing they touch (they still do damn fine enterprise stuff, amongst it all). They always have. So I don't trust them to not Cortana this up.
  • @hazonku
    THAT'S IT! This whole time during Chat GPT's rise I've been asking myself, "Where the Hell is Google? Haven't they been leading in AI academic research for a solid decade+ now?" And the answer was obvious and right in front of us the whole time. The answer was ads. Google isn't a search engine company, it's an ad broker. Their business isn't search, search is just how they get you to the ads & how they collect information on you to sell to advertisers. If Google made the search engine AI driven you won't open 5 different sites looking for that oat milk recipe and you'll never see the dozen or more ads & popups on each site.
  • @ahmed-mansoor
    I couldn't disagree more on this 11:06 " Google is probably going to rapidly prototype and release an AI-powered search engine competitor integrated into Google Chrome and because Google Chrome is the default browser for so many, this new tool will gain widespread adoption without much effort and end up killing Bing AI before it really gets a chance. "
    1) The Bing AI is already here, the waitlist is open and will be released next month. 2 days ago Google tweeted a promotional video about their AI service powered by LaMDA, but since that video contained how its search provided misinformation Google lost $100 BILLION today. On a single trading day man.
    2) Google might be the search engine for so many devices. True. But can you believe what will happen when Microsoft integrates ChatGPT with MS Office products? Billions of users and thousands of governments uses it for the daily work. Not only Internet searches. Work. They already trialed it on Ms Teams. And its revolutionary. When Google went on Code Red. They really meant it.
    Great video though. Very informative. Subscribed 👍🏼.
  • My main concern is this: Knowledge assistants will eventually become so good that they will be 100% correct and everyone will trust them blindly. This might work wonders for a time BUT eventually companies will just start getting sponsorship from various products or parties and before you know it you can control the masses much easier than now... I am quite worried things will take this direction and sadly so I do not see any other way
  • @soundseeker63
    I honestly see Google and the new Bing as being two different tools for two different purposes. There are certain instances where chat-style-Bing will be great, like when you want instructions on how to do something, when you want to know a bit of trivia, or need inspiration with a project etc. Other times when you actually WANT to look through a list of websites like for certain purchases, or to do some historical research etc. you'll probably want "old style" Google. People aren't suddenly going to give up on looking at websites just because a really good AI chat bot exists.
    I can certainly see why Google is in a panic as new style bing does have the potential to steal a lot of their traffic/revenue. However I don't think chat style Bing will totally replace old style search engines, more it will just provide a new and useful alternative (and break Googles informantion/search monopoly).
  • @Jimmy_Jim
    I'm so excited about these AI wars. I have a feeling that the consumer will benefit the most out of this competition.
  • @phoenix5054
    Imagine if Apple dumps Google for their default search engine to Bing. Mindblowing.
  • @richard2218188
    I think the biggest challenge to Google right now is that, people may believe "there's an alternative"
  • @frank-t6857
    I actually thought that ChatGPT was an AI that was continuously learning from ongoing chats but no, it doesn't.
    This was a surprise to me.
    This is the answer it gave me:
    "As an AI language model, I don't have the ability to store information or maintain a persistent memory of previous conversations. Each time I receive a prompt, I generate a response based on the information that was available to me during my training, without reference to previous interactions. This means that while I can provide information and answer questions based on the text data that I was trained on, I do not have a long-term memory or the ability to update my knowledge in real-time."
  • @nonshatter7
    Good video as usual CF. What I am gradually noticing is that technology that is often seen as being 'decades away' are appearing faster than people anticipate.
  • @marcus_cole_2
    A chatbot like GPT without biases will be really good especially considering you get the answer right away and for more complicated things like tutorials you could probably get step by step with ai-photo or ai-video from AI-chat and get something way beneficial and better without sarcasm from YouTube or Facebook
  • @cybervigilante
    The trick to ChatGPT is to have a back and forth conversation to narrow your search. It excels at that. If Google wants to up its AI game, they need to include image generation. ChatGPT is only text, which is a great limitation, even for science subjects, such as generating a network graph
  • @jim2lane
    I've used Bing almost exclusively for the last 7-8 years, and admittedly the results during the 2014-15 time frame were often times not as good as what I could get on Google. But for the last five years I can't recall a single instance where I couldn't quickly find exactly what I was looking for with Bing and would have to fall back to Google. So it will be amazingly interesting to see what this next phase of AI powered search under Bing will look like
  • @YourBlackLocal
    Honestly Google’s search engine has been getting worse and worse.
  • @PurryWinkle
    Your channel is quickly becoming one of my favorites! This is another great presentation on this quickly evolving topic (by quickly I mean dizzying). I'm intrigued to interact with the new roll-out of chatGPT paired with the BING search engine. Early on, playing with the chatGPT, I had the thought of wishing the chatGPT could be blended with Internet search. Utilizing internet search has become ingrained in our modern thought processes. Conversation is also inherent to us all. So combining conversation (i.e. Language models) with accessing all the Internet's knowledge.... well, that's a win-win! I do reserve a little concern over the fact that the chatbot will be doing the selecting.... And yes, it WILL be interesting to see what Google hits back with... I know it won't be Nothing....