How to Teach with Padlet

Published 2020-09-28
Learn ten strategies for how to teach with Padlet in this week's education technology tutorial. Padlet is an extremely powerful tech tool for online learning, and in this video, Sam shows you creative ideas for how to use it as your primary online collaborative workspace.

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Need for of an overview for how to use Padlet? Watch Sam's other Padlet video here:

Need a student tutorial for how to use Padlet? Here's a link to one on Sam's student channel:

Here are the 10 strategies Sam shows for teaching with Padlet:
1. No Words Post
2. Small Group Discussions
3. Mind Mapping
4. Practicing Digital Citizenship
5. Revising Writing
6. Practicing Math Problems
7. Tech Support
8. Digital Maps
9. Digital Timelines
10. Making Podcasts

For the 2nd idea, using Padlet for small group discussions, Sam shows how to split the screen into a grid using Tab Resize. You can find Tab Resize here:…

For #6, practicing math problems, he shows how to use the Hypatia add-on to add math equations. You can download that add-on for free here:

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All Comments (21)
  • Thanks, Sam! I've been using Padlet for quite some time, but never imagined these amazing possibilities we can create. In my class, I use Padlet to conduct synchronous learning (I don't whether you can call that as one). I asked them to post an analysis of framing theory, and the others tried to give feedback and interesting discussions arose.
  • Ann Woodruff
    Thank you for all of these great ideas. What I appreciate about your tutorials is that you show the tools, AND you also show what you use them for. You are a trusted educator and I find myself pushing out of my comfort zone to bring new tech ideas to my students that are tried and true! Thank you!
  • jackie Bowen
    I teach 4th grade and just discovered this awesome tool this year. I use it to make birthday cards for students that all class members can "decorate and sign" since we can't pass anything around the room this year. These birthday cards are so much nicer than what we use to do. I have used it to collaborate ideas and to do KWL's. I have the free version, but just remake old boards!
  • K. C
    Hi Sam .... I'm fascinated by your group discussion concept, but now I am wondering how to make the small group discussion available to the entire class at once. Could I potentially have the students screenshot their completed small group padlets and paste that picture onto a "main" padlet that I set up, so all the students can see each others' ideas? Not sure if that would work, but the only other way would, I assume have all the children join each others' padlets, which seems rather confusing to me.
  • Karin Paul
    Hi Sam, thank you for this video. I have a question: our school is using Padlet as way to virtually introduce staff to the school community. Our contributions include a written bio AND a video. My video is 3 minutes. It uploaded perfectly, but when I try to play it--the forever spinning ball appears. It can't take that long to render, right? The size is well within the limits of even the free version of Padlet. Do you have any suggestions? Should I shorten the video to 1 minute?
  • I love Padlet! I have used Padlet for beginning of the year introductions, student reflections after projects and contests, for class discussions and debates, set up as "social media" where they posted and commented their ideas on "Ratifying the Constitution or not" (I ended up printing the 19 page PDF export and taking it to my principal and saying "My students don't need the unit test, they have the concepts down"), discussion questions over novel studies, and most recently just a board to connect during the time out of school because of COVID. One of my favorite Padlets was our "Class Help Desk" where students could post questions about instructions and/or technology and other students could reply. This really helped me to not have to repeat the same things over and over and my students learned so much by helping others. The possibilities are endless. Thanks for sharing your ideas! I just shared your video with my History teacher friends because I know they will love the map and timelines!
  • Janelle Howell
    WOW! This is one of the best Padlet videos out there! I just used Padlet for a KWL chart by using the columns. It worked great. I loved it that the students' thinking popped up in real time and we could see and add on to what others were thinking. I'm excited to try these ideas and others in the comments. Thank you!
  • Ms. Reeve
    I always LOVE your videos! Do you have any experience using woot math? I was crossing my fingers that you had a how to video on making materials in woot math:)
  • Erin McIver
    Thanks for sharing these tips. I love Padlet too, and I feel like I'm always finding new ways to use it. I've used the stream format to have students make Instagram posts for characters. I have also had kids create their own Padlet and use the timeline format to trace the author's tone through a chapter of a novel.
  • Paul R. Evensen
    I assigned a Padlet yesterday. We're studying advertising, and I made a Padlet with different qualities (value for money, durable, stylish, etc.). Students work in groups and have to upload type of content (video, print, radio, etc.) to the Padlet to make a compilation.
  • anjana kapoor
    I love embedding Padlets in schoology and my kids love to collaborate and engage in various activities. The only issue I have is that some students erase other students work. Is there a way around to stop this? I have tried to set norms around this but there is always one student who messes it up for everyone. Please let me know if there is something I can do to avoid it in future.
  • Nancy McCurry
    Hi Sam, do you know of an app I can use like an OUT box, that will house pdf documents for my college students that they can select from and download onto their own computer? No collaboration. I use CANVAS, not GC, if that matters.
  • Jennifer Wong
    All of your videos are amazing. Not only have you helped get me through pandemic teaching, but you've really pushed me to be an even better teacher with your ideas. I used the map tool last week with my students and just had them pin all the places they'd visited around the world (I have a very well-traveled class that often visits relatives around the world.) It was such fun and now we are ready to use it for mapping explorers!
  • Sara Murphy
    Another fantastic resource, Sam! I bought the year subscription based on your recommendation in your class. The kids love Padlet, so easy to use. I am using it as a class reading log. I used shelves, each child has their own column. First post is them with their "baggie" book (photo), then each night they read for 30 minutes. Their homework is to make a 1-2 padlet summary post of what they read. Nice way to comment back and forth with them virtually, and the other kids can read the posts - hopefully getting some ideas for their next book choice.
  • S. Smith
    I've encouraged my university students to track their development in a subject using the timeline Padlet. Previously, they were tracking their growth through an Excel spreadsheet but love the visual element of Padlet better! 👍🏾
  • I use Padlet for vocabulary practice. I create 8 columns with each vocabulary word and the students have to write a sentence that goes with the word. They can also add gefs or photos if they want. It’s a fun way to learn vocabulary.
  • Vicki Carter
    Such great ideas! I've been hesitant to use Padlet but can see what a valuable tool it is.
  • ClassPoint
    Thanks so much for the concise explantions! Love how many different ways Padlet can be used