Building a Forest House in 30 DAYS - From Zero to Complete in

Published 2022-06-24
I had planned to build the house where I live in the forest and now I live here. I prepared a collage for you to watch in a time-lapse. In general, I started to lead a happy life in this house in the forest, which I built with materials I found in nature :) I don't have water money here and I get most of my free food and drinks from my farm.

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I would like to express my thanks again to Rockpals ( for the electrical system. I provide charging and night lighting of all my materials with him.

There are many more things I will do around this house, I will design an indoor kitchen for the winter and a kennel for my dogs. Your opinion is important to me.

Building a Forest House in 30 DAYS - From Zero to Complete in

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I hope you will like the video
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Viking Ax:

Kuksa Cup: made/

Sea Lighthouse Liquid:…

Sea Lighthouse:

Cordless Saw:

Portable Solar Cell: (This is the most essential item for my house, Thanks Rockpals)

REAL BUSHCRAFT HOUSE - Life Above the Clouds in an abandoned 150 YEAR old Handmade Wooden House

Antarcti kettle:
Ancest cup:
Marveick wood stove:
Feast frypan non-stick:

Barista kahve ibriği
çakmaklı pürmüz set

Camera: Sony A7 III

Go pro Hero 10 black

Edit: Adobe Premiere Pro

Computer I use for assembly: Apple Imac

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All Comments (21)
  • @realityclix747
    Love what you have built. You didn't just go into the woods and throw stuff together and build a bush shelter, you built a home. A cozy little cottage house that even I would love to stay in. Beautiful job, just beautiful!!
  • @iliasd9966
    Love it. A piece of art! Thank you for sharing your skills.
  • @SallyEgannbehe
    I have pretty bad anxiety especially when I first get up and your videos are so relaxing to watch first thing. Completely calms my mind and I can get on with my day. Thank you so much🙏
  • @pattyknight7553
    As a fellow artist I must say, this is one of the most beautiful cottages I have ever seen.
  • Admiro profundamente tu dedicación, se ve el corazón que le has puesto a tu obra...y mejor compañía imposible, tus mascotas que duermen, juegan, van y vienen... Sencillamente genial...!!
  • @user-ul8eo5ru7b
    I'd be proud to have a cabin like that on my property anywhere. Keep us posted on any future upgrades
  • @mikeconrad454
    What an amazing house you have built! It looks like it is right out of a story book. I love that you did this with no plan. So many wonderful things can happen when you build this way. I look forward to what you do with the place next. You might consider building a root cellar into the floor with a nice hatch door to store food in the winter. Better start accumulating firewood, it's going to get cold! Good luck!
  • @lucianopires2691
    Uau que linda ficou essa casa, bom, particularmente amo assistir esses vídeos sobre a natureza sobre construções em florestas ou algo assim, amo a natureza 😍
  • I love that you show people their capable of supporting themselves. Teaching everyone skills so they can build their own houses.
  • @user-cq6dg6ql9j
    Quality takes time and this has to be one of the highest quality by-hand cabins I’ve seen on YT. Very nice.
  • I'm almost certain without a shadow of a doubt You are the happiest and most content man on the face of the earth!😁 I love you videos... honestly some I watch several times! Thank you for sharing your beautiful life! Stay safe and healthy! Take care!
  • I think this is the most beautiful forest dwelling I've ever seen .Thank you for sharing this with everyone. The lighting and the warmth of the whole place and all so natural . Looking forward to more videos :)
  • @trishallain6503
    You did an 😍 job!
    I can imagine the peacefulness you are surrounded by. Just the sound of nature all around you.
  • @kateadair3978
    You've built my dream home! I love the wood rounds and blocks but especially the twisted limbs along the eves. I love seeing the dogs too😁
  • @caulifla6736
    Amei essa casinha,meu sonho e sair da cidade e morar numa casinha dessa ☮️
  • Some kind of magical cabin you’ve created. Well done! Enjoyed every minute of your video
  • Love watching this time lapse! The combination of modern tools and the rustic look of the cabin is quite fascinating! The happy furry friends are just content to be there with you as you work.. This is one of the best cabins in the forest I have seen! Your design and building skills are impressive!
  • @alwaysmarcy9428
    Watched a lot of videos about building log cabins. But I have to say yours is the most amazing video I've ever seen. That cabin is unbelievable. You're talent is out of this world