Building a Forest House in 30 DAYS - From Zero to Complete in

Published 2022-06-24
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I had planned to build the house where I live in the forest and now I live here. I prepared a collage for you to watch in a time-lapse. In general, I started to lead a happy life in this house in the forest, which I built with materials I found in nature :) I don't have water money here and I get most of my free food and drinks from my farm.

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I would like to express my thanks again to Rockpals ( for the electrical system. I provide charging and night lighting of all my materials with him.

There are many more things I will do around this house, I will design an indoor kitchen for the winter and a kennel for my dogs. Your opinion is important to me.

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I hope you will like the video
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Viking Ax:

Kuksa Cup: made/

Sea Lighthouse Liquid:…

Sea Lighthouse:

Cordless Saw:

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Portable Solar Cell: (This is the most essential item for my house, Thanks Rockpals)

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Antarcti kettle:
Ancest cup:
Marveick wood stove:
Feast frypan non-stick:

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Camera: Sony A7 III

Go pro Hero 10 black

Edit: Adobe Premiere Pro

Computer I use for assembly: Apple Imac

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All Comments (21)
  • I didn't expect so much attention to the aesthetics. This is not just a shelter, it's a work of art! Really cool!
  • @zainilazri
    In the many videos I've watched.. your series is more interesting.. calm.. relaxing.. A very comfortable shelter.. The atmosphere you create really fits my soul.. I feel like going there.. It's perfect. . Look at the dog sleeping.. feeling calm😊 and as a companion.. I give you 10 full stars. Seriously I really like it..
  • @Angel12199
    Your cabin is stunning! This entire video transports us, the viewers, to a fairytale dream. Everything from the intricate house to the adorable dogs, to the bread cooked outside, to the hand carved antler style racks to the potted plants and the floral curtains... literally everything makes us take a deep breath & wish we were there! Your skill & talent are truly amazing! I'm guessing at your age but I could probably be your mom(age wise), so there is only one thing in this video I find missing. Mrs Nature Talent. 😆 I just hope a man as gifted as you comes home each day to a woman who loves & takes care of you. Because clearly, you work very hard. God bless you son. I pray you are guided to your very best life. 🙏💕🙏
  • @user-yx2ck7yi5f
    Сплошное удовольствие смотреть за тем, как трудится увлечённый человек! Респект за старания, любовь к животным и природе! Спасибо за видео!
  • @ZZtop53
    This is my first visit to your channel, and needless to say This was "ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE". I love everything about this build. Your attention to detail is SPOT ON. Even the meals were so delicious looking. And your puppies were so laid back. Now that I am subscribed to your channel, I will hopefully be following you on all your adventures and future builds. "Kudos" to you for a "JOB WELL DONE". Watching from Alabama USA. 😎👍
  • @mikeconrad454
    What an amazing house you have built! It looks like it is right out of a story book. I love that you did this with no plan. So many wonderful things can happen when you build this way. I look forward to what you do with the place next. You might consider building a root cellar into the floor with a nice hatch door to store food in the winter. Better start accumulating firewood, it's going to get cold! Good luck!
  • @ecologicaladam7262
    Watching this makes me realise just how many of your videos I've seen! Fascinating to see the early stages of the build and how you got the basic structure going. The end product looks so well-matured and such a firm part of the landscape. I know I've said it before, but I hugely admire your creativity... 😁👍
  • Essa é a cabana mais linda que já vi, parece que saiu de um conto de fadas, parabéns 🙏
  • I've had the spot on my land picked out for about a decade. Now all I need is someone with the skills needed to do a version of what you've done here. I couldn't even imagine anything I'd need beyond what you've done. It's not just a shelter, it's a home. Thank you for sharing this. Even if I never get to build my cabin in the woods, I'll be able to imagine what it would look like thanks to you. Cheers!
  • Que hermosa casa y que gran trabajo!!! Hermoso ver como trabajas en armonia con la naturaleza ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • @Faze_FLaKo
    Love what you have built. You didn't just go into the woods and throw stuff together and build a bush shelter, you built a home. A cozy little cottage house that even I would love to stay in. Beautiful job, just beautiful!!
  • @forsland6153
    wow! Imagine hiking along and stumbling across this masterpiece. Something out of a fairytale. The fact that you did this in 30 days is beyond impressive. Number 1 build video i've ever seen. Incredible
  • Muito criativo. As toras utilizadas ficaram incríveis em sua casa na floresta.📌📌 Parabéns!!
  • @nandamendes4681
    Deu vontade de fazer uma também 😄, belo trabalho parabéns 👏👏👏
  • Love watching this time lapse! The combination of modern tools and the rustic look of the cabin is quite fascinating! The happy furry friends are just content to be there with you as you work.. This is one of the best cabins in the forest I have seen! Your design and building skills are impressive!
  • Gente como amei esse trabalho lindíssimo de construção dessa casa como adoraria uma casinha assim mil parabéns por essa obra de arte linda cheia de encantos e amor um sonho lindo.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🤩
  • @chickkeys
    This pushed me over the edge...AMAZING!!! I am an alone Mom and was lucky to find aittle space for me and my daughter to settle... We have structures here, but they are barely livable. I planned on building an independent cabin for next winter but was overwhelmed by what it took to make what we have as safe as possible.
    Watching you build this makes me want to take my time and create something really nice. One step at a time.

    Thank you for sharing this. You are so talented...and chill 🙂