What $1M Gets You at the Super Bowl | All Access | GQ Sports

Published 2022-02-10
"There are no bad seats in SoFi Stadium." This year, Super Bowl LVI is being held at SoFi Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers. However, the Cincinnati Bengals will be hosting the Rams in their own stadium as the "home" team. From the nosebleeds to the full $1M VIP experience, GQ staff writer Tyler Tynes provides an all-access tour of the world's most expensive stadium (allegedly). How much did it cost to build a stadium three times the size of Disneyland? This is your window into the VIP experience at Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles.

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  • @KwikDraw35
    Imma need to come out the tunnel with the team for 1 million lmao
  • @MikeFrost
  • @ReZounds
    “Don’t get too excited, you gotta always be bigger than the numbers.” Extremely underrated
  • For $1M, I want to have autographs and personal meet and greets with each player, coach, and team owner. I also want the best of the best in terms of champagne, views, heck I even want to meet the halftime performers and get a personalized song during halftime!
  • @vinxios
    Boy if I'm paying $1M, I better be getting a song sung to me by the whole stadium.
  • @dax1177
    For 1 million dollars I want to be playing in the game
  • @PowerbangGaming
    “Best hot dog in all of sports” - that hot dog was easily the worst hot dog I’ve ever eaten. May as well put mustard and ketchup on a slim Jim.
  • @jepoyburner
    The gentrification call is amazing. Love this guy.
  • @ericking9767
    Hearing these numbers makes me appreciate my home entertainment system...
  • @seano.2693
    If I’m paying $1 mil I better be the offensive coordinator for the Rams.😂
  • @Diablofeb4
    As a Canadian, I was blown away back in the day when I remember paying 180 for nosebleeds at a Vikings game in 2000ish. When it was Culpepper and moss vs Manning and Harrison! EPIC GAME for mid season but still never would pay that even if i was rich.
  • @davidg.3617
    For 1 million dollars 💵 I better be kicking the game-winning field goal.
  • @Welyn
    eating an entire tomahawk steak by hand while watching the superbowl, sounds like the life XD
  • $1 million is ridiculous but the engineering behind the stadium is magnificent and some of the best in the world
  • After experiencing Rams training camp and a game at SoFi last season. The Rams are doing exactly what the Dodgers have been doing for a long time. The Dodger game experience there is nothing like it before and after the game. You have to take care of your fans like the Dodgers do. Specially the most loyal fans. The Buss family needs to learn this to bring the Lakers back!
  • @kpeezy776
    Only cost $36 for a ticket to do this same tour in the off-season. It was my Father’s Day gift to my dad. Really great time! Go bolts
  • 5:31 that was cool that they interviewed these chefs. They probably don’t get interviewed or get to be on camera often 👏
  • @mathewt4309
    The host was cool, stayed and watched because his presence is magnetic.
  • For 1 million dollars I better be dropped off by a chopper at the middle of the stadium.