Official Trailer #4 | BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War Part 3 -- The Conflict | VIZ

Published 2024-07-06

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  • @blackindian9554
    A moment of silence for the bleach fans who passed away before these animated episodes could be released. Rip to 4 friends of mines who died in a car crash. They would have been extremely hyped for this
  • When the original anime was just wrapping up I was battling with cancer. I won, and now I'm here to see this. I've seen and experienced even more peak in the meantime, but Bleach has always carried a special place in my heart.
  • @JinzoTK
    Starrk wake up, Kyouraku is using his bankai.
  • @kinghenry343
    As someone who survived Heart problems, I'm so happy to be alive to see a new season of my Favorite Anime
  • @BestFanAnime
    Bleach’s return will always be one of the best thing to happen in anime. Who agrees?!
  • @Draxxzo0
    Shunsui's "Bankai" sent chills down my spine ngl 🙏😭
  • @codyangus5804
    Shunsui speaking those words after all these years just made a grown man cry 😂
  • @edisonlu9070
    This has made me a teenager again! Bleach gives me the vibes and energy no other anime can!
  • @paulosilva2458
    Look at the construction of the trailer. Everyone's saying "bankai", until Kyoraku comes in at the end and says "so guys, you've asked for so long, get ready because I'm finally going to release mine" . This is amazing
  • @danzoEX
    Bruh we’re getting a f*ckin MOVIE as a series!! That freakin ANIMATION QUALITY!!
  • @moonfool4042
    Yhwach and Jugram's voice overlapping for that poem. Trippy, haunting and peak villainy!!!!!!
  • @wandenreichae
  • @snailtime9294
    My dad and I used to watch Bleach growing up. I would always be in my room switching to adult swim at the time, and he would do the same downstairs, but we both found a fondness for anime. I think he enjoyed the action, but understood the emotion, not unlike the growing kid that I was, who felt the same, trying to develop an identity out of the emotions of these extraordinary characters. He was and older man, born in the 1950's, and he died not too long ago. I wish he was here to see the end with me. I wanted to grow with him like I grew with these characters, but he did his best, and left the world. Wherever you are now, Dad, I hope you're doing alright. (In the very capable hands of the Soul Society, I'm sure.) I miss you every day, and I hope you're enjoying seeing this as much as I am. We weren't as close as I wanted to be, but you were sweet, and now, I am too. I love you. Enjoy the show, Scoop. (I never learned why they called you that.) -T [thank you everyone for your words. I haven't been happy since he died in February, but I'm happier hearing your kind words. He was born in '51, and he had me in '99. 72 and 25. He raised me, and then he died. I will love him forever, and I will always appreciate your kind words.]