Transgender Rights II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published 2022-10-16

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  • Truebornseeker
    You know what’s depressing about the “kids are using cat litter trays!” Story? Apparently that story originated from a story that schools were putting buckets with cat litter in classrooms so if the school was put under a school shooting lockdown for long enough that students might need the bathroom and unable to leave
  • Matthew Chapman
    For the record, the kids identifying as cats and using litter boxes rumor comes from something incredibly messed up. One school system in Colorado — the one that includes Columbine High School — apparently paid for stashes of cat litter in classrooms in case kids have to relieve themselves while locked down by a mass shooter. That seems to have been the origin of it.
  • Living Corpse
    "they immediately cut off their families"

    Probably cause families disown them and even threaten to kill them. You can't abandon someone who abandoned you first.
  • GenZyie
    "They immediately cut off their families"
    "Walks right in and gets surgery"
    Makes me laugh. I've been trans for years and haven't even started hrt yet. Not only that, not all of us cut off our families. Most of us quite love our families, such as myself. We don't like being hated for being ourselves.
  • Matt Curran
    Since John vaguely asked, bearded dragons are omnivores. They eat a mix of vegetables (including leaf shoots and flowers), protein sources such as bugs, and the occasional bit of fruit.
  • Thomas Paz
    "Transitioning isn't taking your kid away from you. In some cases, you get your kid BACK".
    It breaks my heart to realize how many kids are out there who just want acceptance, and how many people who are too stubborn to understand that.
  • Kdawn1995
    The fact that this guy used the "uterus removal" example really proves how out of touch these people are. I'm nearly 30 and haven't been able to find a Dr who would even allow me to get my tubes tied, much less a hysterectomy.
  • Hohe
    Im an enby person and this episode legit made me cry. I've realized I've been so caught up in all this fucking bullshit of whether or not I can get medication and therapy and estrogen and all that stuff that I forgot that its okay for me to just exist and be me. Its been so hard lately but I exist and thats enough sometimes.
  • Luna W
    That part about the guy getting a haircut and feeling great about it, I want it to be known that for trans people actually getting to even do that can be abhorrently difficult. I have regularly heard from trans people who wanted a hair cut that fit their identity better, only for the hairdresser to completely ignore that and cut it far too short so it wouldn't be "too girly" or barely cut it at all so it wouldn't be "too boyish" even though that was exactly what the person asked for. I have no words for this kind of behavior outside of "you're not an artist, you're a goddamn hairdresser. Your job is to cut people's hair the way they want, not the way you want"
  • Anne M
    The guy saying “freaking dope” made me cry! We’re trans and we’re happy!
  • Vito The Frog
    I watch most every video of LWT, but was putting this one off because I knew it’d be heartbreaking. As a trans man I cannot begin to describe how disheartening it is to hear about all of the depressing statistics and lawmakers who would rather we disappeared. And while this sure was depressing, I was also pleasantly surprised.

    Thank you for showing our joy. It’s so often overlooked, and it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen or experienced. The first time I shaved, wore a suit, was called “sir”, it all brought me such indescribable euphoria, and that feeling is what I fight for every day. And it’s so wonderful seeing that same joy in the faces of other kids like me.

    Like you said, the media always shows the hard parts. And while those hard parts are definitely important, I think it’s so, so crucial for cis people to see and understand our joy as well. Thank you writers, staff, and John. Thank you.
  • Von Doom
    Hearing politicians talk about how easily accessible trans surgery is to obtain, you'd think you were trying to buy a machine gun without a background check using a "gun show loophole". We both know it doesn't work like that. Why do they keep lying?
  • DirectorG
    “I do not want to spend my free time to ask adults to make good choices” love her
  • I’m Cis and Straight, but I probably got exposed to the LGBTQI+ community as much as someone who isn’t part of it could be. My older sibling, before they came out as non-binary, was depressed to the point of misery, but afterwards? They didn’t cut us off, or drop out of school, No, they just showed us who they were, and let me tell you, that is one of the greatest things to ever see
  • Amanda
    Umm when I went in for my tubal ligation, it took quite a bit of time and conversations with various doctors before they would even CONSIDER performing the procedure for me. Even then, the day I got my surgery done, I had a resident at my bedside double checking that this was what I wanted to do. I highly doubt doctors are handing people hysterectomies like candy. These people are so out of touch with reality it’s disgusting.
  • Flynt Lachance
    After some harrowing situations I've been recently put in by people I lived with assaulting me for being trans, watching this episode did bring quite a few tears. I've been on testosterone for 13 weeks, been identifying as trans since I learned it was a concept at 17, and trying to stay alive and safe since. When John mentioned the depression and how you're not losing your child you're getting them back, it hit really hard. I'm 30 y/o now, and finally getting what I needed to be myself. I still get resistance from family members who should have always seen it, when all of my close friends did. It's beautiful to see the joy in these young people who got to be themselves and finally feel free from the shackles that other people put on us. Two words, John, just two.


    Hopefully this episode will touch the hearts of many other people, both trans family, and allies alike. We need more people like you speaking our for us when our safety is in such dire circumstances.

    Peace Love and Hope to my fellow Alphabet Mafia Members.
  • videocliplover
    The same “increase” is with women now able to get mental health diagnoses that were overlooked due to confirmation bias of the DSM-4 and little girls able to finally get correct diagnoses that will help them live better and easier lives overall. It’s not the case that all women are suddenly now autistic or have ADHD. It will level out someday too!
  • As an AMAB who is still figuring out who I really am, the first time I dressed femme was the first time in over a decade that I did not hate the face I saw in the mirror.

    As a Canadian I have been lucky enough too have a supportive family who, while they may not understand, have not ostracized me for wearing dresses and painting my nails. My own mother even got me some nail polish so I can mix colours that I may feel like a delicate flower.

    It fills me with sorrow to hear of parents who have shunned their children too the point that a 13 year old is made too live on the streets, fearing for their lives should they stay. We need the law to protect these children from a society that would call them inhuman.
  • Jacey Bella
    The thing about a girl requesting her uterus removed is SO FUNNY to me

    I'm a sufferer of endometriosis, and I've been asking doctors to give me a hysterectomy since I was twelve years old because my symptoms are painful and disabling (I was missing school regularly due to pain)

    Never once got a yes! Never! It is NOTORIOUSLY difficult to convince a doctor to do anything that can impact your fertility if you have a uterus and haven't had multiple kids yet.
    These people are so misinformed it makes me want to tear my hair out. They have no idea what getting care in this country is like
  • Anne
    I wish I had something like this that I could've shown my parents when I came out as trans way back in high-school. 9 years later they still think it's some phase that came about because I, in their words, "wanted something to complain about"