Dacia Duster Preview I Return of the Duster!

Published 2023-11-29
#Dacia #Duster #DaciaDuster
Dacia’s Duster SUV returns with a new third-generation model! More space, more tech and more sustainable, yet still keenly priced at under £20k, is this the perfect antidote to overcomplicated luxury SUVs? CAR magazine’s James Dennison finds out.

0:00 – Intro
1:14 – Exterior
3:21 – Interior
7:42 – Engines and trim levels
8:40 – Verdict

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All Comments (21)
  • @colinrenfrew48
    Looks great, and might just be what customers want. An affordable, practical stylish car.
  • @itaholic902
    It looks better than the so called German premium brands. It has all the tech you really need. It's a sensible car for sensible people. It doesn't come as a surprise there is an option like the outdoor sleep pack. Really refreshing !
  • @prajwalkb539
    Have owned a Duster since 2015, now waiting for the new Duster in Renault showrooms in India.
  • VW - przeżywa kryzys, wydaje mi się że teraz przez Dacie będzie miała jeszcze bardziej. Jak cena będzie dobrze ustalona to będzie hit sprzedażowy w Europie.
  • @VI_Deo_Ops
    I have 2020 Renault Captur with same 100hp LPG engine like this Dacia. Cheapest way to move, It can compete with EV.3 years 60oookm, Had 2 time issues With LPG sensors, fixed for free,Great car for 4 person.
  • @M5S
    Its a damn good looking little car! I want this! 🇸🇪
  • @alfamonk
    the hottest car of 2024, in the real world, no doubt.
  • @99AmethystZJ
    Good review, held off buying last year for this nicer design.. Just hope we get some decent colours in UK!
  • @Bmontepeque11
    Hey, great news! The Dacia Duster is almost here 😃
  • @sixpotshot
    Absolutely. We all know that everyone is paying through the odds for unnecessary features and options, included and optional ones. Renault is getting better at this game and I wish other manufacturers would come to the game, whatever the brand (DAF, Sunbeam, Datsun, FSO, Stellantis could use Vauxhall for that purpose and take Opel upmarket - the marketing gurus should know better...) , as this shows a relatively simple, affordable and regulatory compliant car can be built and a lot more should be built lighter, simpler and cheaper to buy and maintain.
  • @juanramosb.4029
    They should make the pre orders for this car and the Bigster available. This year I am going to choose a new lease car and I am really bending to choose the Bigster if they make it available on time. Otherwise I will get the Duster, but first we need more info like price and release date/preorder date.
    Good video. There’s a small audio glitch at the end needs editing out.
  • @jami7772
    This looks good IMO. Nice review btw.
  • @steveh5005
    Top review. Unlike pretentious other channels