Do The Japanese Feel Poor? | Street Interview

Published 2024-02-02
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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this video do not represent that of Asian Boss or the general Japanese public.

0:00 - How much do you make?
2:50 - Is your current salary enough to get by?
2:49 - What was your biggest financial struggle?
5:07 - Do you consider yourself poor?
9:16 - What salary would be considered poor?
10:13 - Ideal salary to be worry-free?
12:57 - Are you saving any money?
15:53 - Message to foreigners who might think all Japanese are rich

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All Comments (21)
  • @AsianBoss
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  • @sXsKidd
    "yeah I make katanas, Other time I was in the Mafia". That took a turn xD
  • @natnat_o3
  • @charlene6306
    The interviewer is really good. She follows up with the right questions, so it doesn’t sound scripted. When an interviewee reveals something unexpected, she knows what to ask next 10/10
  • @mrggy
    As someone who lived in Japan until very recently, it always frustrates me when videos shows prices in Japan (converted to USD) and all the comments talk about how cheap Japan is and how they could live such a luxurious lifestyle. You can't look at Japanese prices through the lense of your American salary! For locals making local salaries, these prices are really hard to afford! Literally everyone I knew in Japan felt like they were struggling financially. I'm so glad AsianBoss decided to tackle the nuances of this issue rather than going the clickbaity route
  • @CoreyANeal2000
    It's not about how much you make, but how much things cost. This is why inflation is worse than having a small wage.
  • @Wooster77
    The interviewers did an excellent job.
  • @mrshaneyt4356
    I’m in the Uk and watch vids from worldwide and it’s so clear that the whole world is broken . We are all getting squeezed dry with no end in sight . Here it’s food, petrol ,rent and electricity that suck the most . My rent has doubled also in just 2 years and my state sick pay( I’m disabled) hasn’t really kept up with these increases. I feel for the younger generation the most . All on here point out if they didn’t live a home and have family help they couldn’t survive. It’s so sad really .
  • @misubi
    Want to hear more from the Thai monk guy, what a story.
  • @PleasedPinoy
    The little girl was like I’m over this let’s go 🤣
  • @alui5362
    man that katana yakuza guy is interesting af, lol. that samurai story is such a good one. I'm surprised that the wages are that low in Tokyo. it's good that they have a circular economy - if they had to depend on imports, they would be hurting a lot more for sure.
  • These interviews were so interesting and thought provoking. Japanese people can appear quiet and reserved, but once you speak to them they're so open, kind, and honest! 💕
  • @itssoaztek4592
    Thank you so much for this interview! Extremely well done interviews, very good questions (in particular the follow-up questions). I couldn't praise the interviewer more for making the effort to talk to many people with greatly differing backgrounds. This makes the information given by the people so much more interesting and illuminating. Again, thank you for the great work! It is so valuable and fascinating to me to watch, also because I don't speak Japanese and can't follow regular japanese media.
  • Love how the daughter is quiet and respectful while the mother is being interviewed❣❣
  • @user-bm2ck3ts9q
    I'm a Japanese working on a pelagic fishing boat and I get about 9 million yen a year. These days, people don't want to work in the construction industry or other jobs that people call hard, and I think this is the same in other developed countries around the world. But what makes Japan different from other developed countries is that if you choose such a hard job, you don't have to live in poverty. I grew up in a place where a lot of lower-class people live, and a lot of them chose hard jobs, and a lot of them were despised by the people around them, but now I'm in my 30s, and the people who didn't run away from those hard jobs are all living happy What I'm trying to say is that in Japan, at least, those jobs are available to everyone, and if you don't run away, you can usually live a wealthy life. People I know who have been working hard jobs for 10 years earn around 8-10 million yen. If you convert this amount into US dollars, it seems small, but in Japan, I can say with confidence that they are rich. And in the 80s and 90s, when Japan was considered very rich, all the people in that period were doing what I call hard work.
  • @SuperMyacc
    Excellent video. Like one of the best I have seen on the channel and the interviewees were selected really well. Great job!
  • My husband is Japanese but he moved to my country, Philippines 4yrs ago because his income was just enough for everything and we didnt even live in Tokyo. He has a job in IT here in the PH and the salary is lower than Japan but it is high enough to be in upper middle class in PH. I also live very comfortably in the PH vs Japan, having my own house in those gated communities and lot in a major city and car. Japan has a lot of nice things but ngl it was very expensive. Also, I think wealth and socioeconomic status is so relative from country to country. I'm also a believer that one should go where one flourishes especilaly financially.
  • @feylights166
    Prices increasing and wages stagnating are indeed an issue in many countries right now. Always like learning about issues in Japan.
  • @kjracing007
    This is really one of the best interviews. The interviewer did a really good job. Nothing spectacular but every question was well thought out and she was careful not to hurt anyone's feelings. Really job well done.
  • @AlinaMcleod
    That was a very eye opening video. Having spent a lot of time in Japan and briefly googled what average wages were, I was very surprised to hear all those people's answers being considerably lower than expected. As a foreigner you feel like Japan is so far ahead of other countries because of the incredible infrastructure they have there, the efficiency of everything and the abundance of choice of everything. It is good that their social nets seem stronger than most countries, but sad that the average person doesn't have the purchasing power to go beyond their basic necessities. Hopefully things will change for the better.