Lego Mod in Minecraft

Published 2023-12-06

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  • @Gunnin_yadown
    The old intro music gave me chills. Nostalgia at it's peak.
  • @TheronRaine
    My god...the's a mod review...who remembers all those? My favorite was the plants vs zombies mod review
  • I wonder if david (his old animator that used to animate the kills) still works for ssundee.
  • @ethancooley7335
    I'm gonna be straight, this was one of the last things I would have expected. Lego? You guys content is surprising all the time.
  • @Goofball165
  • @helenbrunner18
    You know it's gonna be a good day when you wake up to Ssundee
  • @thegiftking6473
    I just started making live streams again, thanks for inspiring me with your content SSundee 🧡
  • @pink1536
    I haven't watched your channel in years but I'm glad to see you're still killing it on YouTube. Your videos were a big part of my childhood
  • I've been watching ssundee for over 8 years of my life now its awesome to see that he's still making great content ❤
  • @zackie6364
    It's been years and he's still doing amazing
  • @user-fi9oo2sg6i
    Nostalgia with the og intro thanks SSundee for bringing that back your videos light up my day❤
  • @Benxar
    Hit that like button and make it turn LEGO!
  • @LowwFlow
    "I got a ton of mats" I think ssundee is a bit to used to fortnite already.
  • @KINGSEN10
    Thank you for the inspiration ssundee I’m going to start posting on YouTube again