360 VR 3D 8K Van Gogh Paintings Experience - Dive into 8 Masterpieces in VR | JAḾEL Immersive Art

Published 2023-11-28
Step into the captivating universe of Vincent van Gogh in a way you've never imagined with JAḾEL's cutting-edge 360 VR 3D experience, "The Real Van Gogh". Immerse yourself among eight of Van Gogh's most treasured masterpieces: "Starry Night", "Starry Night Over the Rhône", "Café Terrace at Night", "The Night Café", "Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles", "Sunflowers", a "Wheat Field" and "Irises". As you navigate this virtual realm, feel as if you're walking straight into Van Gogh's canvas, with the vibrant hues, intricate brushwork, and the poignant emotions of each piece enveloping you. It's not just viewing art, it's living it.
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