Overviewing the Daniel Defense Rifle Line

Published 2019-04-09

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  • 4Ever Home
    DD rifles are full of quality. I love mine. Having a capable rifle in times like this puts your mind to rest.
  • Mr T
    I have had the DDM4V9 for 5 years and its a lovely rifle! Not 1 misfire in around 2500 rounds
  • Chloe Hennessey
    3:39 you show the exact rifle I have!
    I got it for my 15th birthday earlier this year! I got into 3 Gun a year ago and I’d been using an off the shelf DPMS. I don’t blame my dad he wasn’t sure if I’d stick with it- so no need to go out and spend a bundle on a nice quality rifle; right?

    Anyhow I love my V7- it’s not overly heavy- it’s smooth firing, easy for me to transition, I can spend 4 hours on my range practicing and my shoulder won’t be sore like it was with the DPMS.

    The first place price in my last shoot was a Falkor Defense .300 Petra/ but I got second place! Settled for a brand new Glock 19X and a free Cerakote finish of my choice- I chose dark pink and white pearl swirl.

    N E ways, Daniel Defense thank you for making a great rifle.
  • DeathDfyd
    I have the older V7 Mil Spec+ model with full picatinny rail system I picked up back in 2014. Still going strong! Love DD rifles.
  • EIGHTY7graphics
    took my DDM4V5 to the range last weekend. very reliable and very accurate. was thinking of buying another brand or building one but I might just get another DD. aside from being great shooters they're the best looking rifles in my opinion.
  • Larry Burner
    I want an AR. Didn't know which one but I knew it would be a Daniel Defense. This video was exactly what I needed because I didn't know the difference between any of their rifles.
  • former pilgrim
    We got a V7 to test... Was more accurate than my BCM’s! I think the V7 is a fantastic training carbine, probably the best made right now. It’s so easy to hit with its like cheating.
  • Great video! Much needed, well presented, and very much appreciated. Thanks!!
  • JustCurious
    Love my MK12 upper. Bought it and popped it on an Anderson lower. Went to buy the matching a lower and was very upset to find out they don’t sell the lower separately like they do the upper. Oh well the Anderson lower works very well and probably a fraction of the price too.
  • Brad Jensen
    I love my DDM4 v7 it is seriously such a great rifle to shoot. My wife love it as well, she says it's her favorite gun and I would agree.

  • StryderK
    Just a note, all of these rifles are now equipped with DD’s own “grip and rip” charging handle now.
  • It's my dream to build an AR style rifle preferably non-restricted from you guys! There's no where I'd rather build my first AR... I love the company and i can't wait to have a fun gun made by Daniel Defense. May my dreams one day come true!
  • StryderK
    Well, last Tuesday, Classic Firearms had a Daniel Defense fire sale. Select DD rifles, including DDM4V7, DDM4V9, and DDM4 RIS, all had their price dropped to $1,700! Hell of deal so I snatched up a V9 since I like the Pic rails over M-Lok. Should be here in the next few days.
  • QLQ
    On a road trip I randomly rode past the DD headquarters in Georgia and i was like a 6 year old seeing a theme park lol my wife looked at me like “dude get a grip” 😂
  • TeensierPython -
    I have an ISR. Awesome gun. Wish there was a milspec+ handguard with Mlok so I could use my accessories.
  • Noah Cawkwell
    Man there’s nothing bad I could say about my ddm4v11…. Only put 1000 rounds through it but it’s one of my favorite guns to shoot… after watching this video… I must say that the dd5v1 has been added to my Christmas list!
  • Fook-Jo By-Den
    PSA: I wish you could still find the DDM4V9LW-S2W.

    I couldn’t find one, so instead I bought a Tornado Grey DDM4V9-LW & Swapped a S2W barrel n Superlative Arms Adj Gas Block. Then repurposed the lw barrel, added dd chrome bcg w/a bcm kmr rail which now both rifles have rails paired with barrel profiles that are consistent with one another.
  • Joe Plem
    Love my DD m4v11, such a smooth shooter, thinking of adding the mk18 pistol to the collection!!!
  • High Speed
    absolutely amazing guns, dd is flat out the best msr's on the market
  • edxlee
    just got my MK18 and its a beauty! wish i had a SOCOM suppressor to go with it :P