Clxs × NO HEART (B×RIED IT) || Prod × Yz || JAN 2021|| THE LOST T×PE

Published 2022-10-10

I took my heart from Out of my chest
I Buried it in A secret Place
So when she says "A-Part we must Break"
I Look at her say No Heart Anyway
No heart anyway
Price I must pay If I'm to Stay
Can't let my heart fall into disarray
So I'll dig it up On judgement Day

Love is blind love is blind
But Can't you see? For you I'd lose my sight
I fell in love from a tragic height
you were my synonym so alike

Everything changed we start acting strange
What is the reason?" we fail to explain guess
That was a dark knight you must be bruce wayne which
Makes me the joker who showed you his pain

I start a fire then I spit butane
You get burned by it my anger is shame
First I deny it then accept the blame
I only fight because there's so much to gain


January 2021

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