Facing Shane’s Biggest Fear

Published 2023-09-17
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All Comments (21)
  • @ecdun3719
    I’m actually proud of Shane. I think he faced a lot of fears in this video. Vlogging in public, alpine slide, golfing, and riding a bike. Never thought Shane would do any of those 😂
  • @kalsey6177
    As someone who’s watched Shane for over 9 years, it’s so amazing seeing him excitedly step out of his comfort zone in order to make memories with ryland and his family. He’s going to make such an amazing dad 💗
  • I absolutely love how proud Shane looks when he knows he's made Ryland happy
  • Have had a horrible few days & Vicki's "completely numb" joke was the first thing to make me smile and laugh in days.
  • @Hana-vm1hb
    Okay, let's all take a moment to appreciate Shane's hair and his clothing style!!
    THE SUN GLASSES, THE BEARD, THE CURLS 😩 man is serving fr
  • @luci_444
    I've never seen Shane that excited to show off his outfit. The love for himself and confidence made me so happy and excited for him. You're looking so good dude be so proud of yourself
  • @AliFinNoble
    I've been following ordinary ventures since their first three or four videos. They seem like just such lovely people. And I'm glad that this will put more eyes on them because they deserve it
  • @babymisty78
    I relate to Shane so much ♥️ honestly seeing him do these things and try to have “fun” despite the triggers/anxiety makes me feel not alone
  • I’m sure Peter and Kitra will be thrilled to see your video and it would be so awesome if you went to Disney World with them before the babies come! ❤
  • @izzlen8474
    The fact that you guys watch ordinary adventure makes me so damn happy
  • @lizalove91
    It’s really nice seeing Shane out and about doing things he normally wouldn’t 🥰
  • Yall need to make a collab with ordinary adventures, maybe y'all could have them in the podcast and eat secret menu items or something like that ❤ love y'all ❤️
  • Y’all with Rylands family is everything. Shane is so confident and carefree. I love it. 💕
  • @CCWGGuy
    I love that you guys discovered ordinary Adventures, been fans of theirs for years and ran into them a few times at Disneyland since I'm a California native and Magic Key Holder. they are honestly traveling goals!
  • @Tara1016
    This vlog gets 5 out of 5 Lindas!!! Love seeing you guys enjoy a family vacation and seeing Shane get out of his comfort zone to do things that scare him.
  • @YioFnjk
    Since I was laughing so much, I can honestly say that this made my day better.
  • @britni5997
    i love shane’s new era of being an outdoor person 😂 may be a bit of a stretch but i love that he’s having fun
  • @leahvigs
    YES SHANE!!!! we love to see a fear-facing, out-of-comfort-zone stepping, confident queen!!!! you’re glowing, you look so happy and it makes me so happy to see you fully living and loving your life!!! both of you are going to be such amazing dads, you make a great team 🥰🩵