'If We Don't Stop It, This Country Will Not Survive': Chip Roy Issues Dire Warning On House Floor

Published 2021-12-02

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  • Bubbles
    I am amazed how many American's ignore the reality of what Chip is laying out today.
  • Condemnedya
    Regardless of what party you represent, I agree with this Man 🤔 on several points he made.
  • I am one of the 12 American People who is watching this. Thank you Representative Chip Roy for keeping the truth going!
  • Kaiserland111
    "We structured the government specifically NOT to do this." - Chip Roy, 2021
    Truer words have never been spoken. Our great nation has been changed from what it was established to do, and now is not "by the people, for the people" but by the rich, for the rich. We've been a frog in a slowly heating pot, and soon it will become apparent that we've been cooked.
  • David D.
    He has a point, but we all know the second he stopped talking everyone in that room stopped thinking about the topic and went back to thinking about ways to get more funding.
  • Paula D.
    Love this man. He speaks truth to a government that is steeped in lies.
  • Chris Mercer
    Might be the most honest and level headed speech in politics I've ever heard, and for him to throw shots at both sides is both unique and refreshing...
  • The Captain
    Great speech, this is what a real American sounds like.
  • H B
    This is why we need TERM LIMITS to eliminate the oligarchy of lifer swamp politicians!
  • Creepa
    Respect, one of the best speeches i heard in a long time
  • Carol Radloff
    This man knows what he is talking about. Common sense and loves his country.
  • I respect this gentleman. He has the courage to speak the truth. I only hope, people listen with an open mind. Each of us have to take action in every election to ensure we are voting for people who truly represent the best interest of most American People. Individuals who are courageous and willing to stand in the way of those trying to take our Rights.
  • Yellow Jackboots
    This isn't an American speech, this is a world speech. I'm in the UK and every word applies
  • Crazy'z Mod'z
    This guy gets it. He is probably risking his livelihood if not even life to stand up and call out tyrannical unconstitutional behavior. 13:27
    I hope Chip Roy finds great success, we need more people like him. Although I'm Canadian I know that country was build by strong hearts and minds like this.
  • Zer0Morph
    It's refreshing to hear truth in our corrupt government.
  • yankeezulu777
    Epic speech. Watching from London UK. That man is a true American hero!
  • Tiana Boyd
    Finally someone had the balls to say something actually telling the truth
  • Donna Turpin
    I totally agree with this man, he makes more sense than any govt. official.
  • Tee Shark
    We need good people like Chip Roy representing us in Washington. The people of Texas in his district got it right and are very fortunate to have this man representing them in Washington because he is damn sure for the people of this country!
  • red sed
    A sane person at last telling us how screwed things really are!