Only in Germany

Published 2022-08-07
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NALFs Behind the Scenes Video:
Today we have a special episode for you. Together with YouTuber NALF, we show you funny and strange situations that only happen in Germany. For example, it's about strict quiet times and house rules, annoying neighbours and the question of why Germans like to switch to English, even if the person they're talking to speaks good German.

Heute haben wir eine besondere Episode für euch. Zusammen mit dem YouTuber NALF zeigen wir euch lustige und seltsame Situationen, die so nur in Deutschland passieren. Es geht zum Beispiel um strikte Ruhezeiten und Hausordnungen, nervige Nachbarn und um die Frage, warum Deutsche so gerne ins Englische wechseln, selbst wenn der Gesprächspartner gut Deutsch spricht.
Easy Languages is an international video project aiming at supporting people worldwide to learn languages through authentic street interviews and expose the street culture of participating partner countries abroad. Episodes are produced in local languages and contain subtitles in both the original language as well as in English.
Hosts of this episode: Janusz Hamerski/Carina Schmid
Camera & Edit: Rawad Sabbagh
Translation: Ben Eve

00:00 Intro
00:19 Drinking in Public
01:37 Standing in the Way
02:31 Waiting for an Internet Connection
03:59 Always Speaking English
06:34 Being Quiet
07:49 Making Appointments Far in Advance
09:01 Crossing Traffic Lights on Red
09:39 Separating Garbage
11:08 Bottle and Can Deposit
12:19 Blowing Your Nose

All Comments (21)
  • Ganesh Bhambarkar
    Everything here is so true!
    Me and my friends were once standing on the footpath in Berlin, talking and having fun. We forgot that we're blocking the way, then a man walked through us without a word, pushing his suitcase in my face and walked along like nothing happened and I could just stare in shock.
    Also, once we were sitting in a balcony slightly intoxicated, talking normally, laughing in between on a Friday evening. Then suddenly someone shouted something from another building. I checked my phone and it was EXACTLY 10 PM! The person was waiting for the clock to hit 10 to shout at us.
  • Kathy O'Neill
    Enjoyable and really funny video. I laughed a lot. My country's culture is exactly the opposite. Nobody likes to follow regulations, so when somebody is doing something wrong (like these examples on the street show) people look the other way. The general principle is: "I don't tell on you, you don't tell on me... We both get away with what we want to do" Of course, German honesty and orderly behavior are the right things to do. But that's the way it is in my country. People feel free to do what they want and nobody pays much attention to the rules.
  • NALF
    I finally made it into an Easy German video!! My life is complete!!
  • featherstone
    Gut gemacht! Das einzige, was ihr noch vergessen habt, ist die obsession (deutsch?) mit Pünktlichkeit. Wenn ich mal 2 Minuten zu spät zur Arbeit kam, wurde eine halbe Stunde über die Tugend der Pünktlichkeit diskutiert (statt zu arbeiten...). Ähnliches habe ich allerdings auch bei einer südkoreanischen Firma erlebt.
  • Jacob Sekela
    The 4th example of being talked to in English while wanting to improve my German really hit me! I was studying in Austria in 2020 for a semester abroad (I’m from the USA) and every time I wanted to converse in German, people just switched straight to English. It was a little frustrating, but it helped that some Austrians wanted to improve their English skills, so it made it a little easier to hold a conversation.
  • Matthew Bosley
    Eine sehr lustige Episode, weil alles so genau ist! Auch sehr besonders an Deutschland ist der Druck, der man sich an einer Kasse in einem Supermarkt fühlt. Immer so unglaublich ungeduldig! Man muss einfach bereit sein, so schnell wie möglich, den Einkauf einzupacken...
  • Aneta Jirková
    The part "Always speaking English" is so funny! I moved to Germany to learn German and everybody spoke English to me. I had to pretend I didn't speak English to be able to practise my German.
  • dusseligeDohle
    Die Nachtruhe ist nicht nur in der Hausordnung zu finden, sondern sogar im Gesetz. Da ich selbst immer um 4 Uhr morgens aufstehen muss, finde ich dieses Gesetz auch sehr gut 🤭😅
  • Jordan
    Hello easy German team I wanted to tell you guys this so I’ve been waiting for your new video to come out. When I started learning German which was last year November I couldn’t watch your videos without looking at the English subtitles and after a while I kind of got frustrated and left your Channel alone for a bit. I continued to learn German for all those months by myself because I’m a teenager and I’m self taught but Then something amazing happened. I took a look at one of your videos a few days ago and I was amazed to see that I hardly even needed the English subtitles and I could understand most of what was being said in the video with the help of the German subtitles and that made me so happy. The work that you guys do is really appreciated😁
  • کودک فهیم
    That nose blowing is the wierdest thing for me. One time our professor did that in the class. 😂
  • William Hitchcock
    It was good to finally hear Nick speaking german. You guys did a fun video.

    One of my best experiences in learning german was having conversations with a german whose english was weak and me being an american whose german was weak. The net result was my struggling with german until I could go no further and had to switch to english. The german would struggle with english until she could go no further and had to switch to german. From the context of our discussion topic we simultaneousy improved our foreign language.
  • Fabian Huber
    NALF apparently isn't just a really good cinematographer, he's also a great actor! Loved the sketches 😄
  • I’m in Germany for the first time now.
    I’m so impressed by people that never cross the road when the signal’s red, even if there’s no car around.
    It’s kinda similar in Japan. But I got the impression that Germans follows more.
  • Felix Klüsener
    It's not just a german thing that people respond in English when you want to learn the language. The same happened to me when I visited Norway for the first time. I learned some basic Norwegian at the University. It was a requirement to learn a new language for my Bachelor degree and I chose to learn Norwegian. When I visited the country 3 years later I wanted to practice my skills and started conversations in Norwegian but 50% of the people I met replied in English. They probably just wanted to help me and make the conversation easier when they realized my Norwegian was not good.
  • Klimt Kahlo
    I would love for every country to have noise laws that people actually follow!!!
  • jonathan bartlett
    I was in Berlin in 2009 and I was impressed with how clean everything was. I am still impressed to this day as I have been to many large cities since and none of them compare. Cities in Japan came pretty close, though. One evening in Berlin I was waiting for the U-Bahn and I saw a woman in a beautiful fur coat with expensive jewelry walking around picking up a few pieces of garbage and sorting them into the proper receptacles. It blew my mind because here in the US you never see people with that kind of wealth lowering themselves to such a menial task, especially if they are not being paid to do it. I think that Germans have a strong sense of civic pride and responsibility that can be very inspiring
  • Nihan Y
    Ich bin mit Janus der gleichen Meinung. Mir gefaellt es eigentlich dass die Deutschen Sorgen um das Gemeinwohl machen und sich dafür verantwortlich fühlen. Das finde ich überhaupt nicht nervig. Ganz im Gegenteil, ich wünsche mir, dass mehr Leute in meinem Land sich ums Gemeinwohl kümmerten.
  • Nafis Mudhofar

    Not only in Germany, I experienced this kind of behavior in The Netherlands. I learn dutch for 1,5 years and when I try to talk to the locals, THEY ANSWER ME IN ENGLISH 😩 RIP my lesson tuition fee

    And also, DO NOT EVER walking slow on the pavement especially in Berlin, you will get scolded by people 😳
  • Der Pyrrhus
    Hmm, also das mit dem Lärm nach 22 Uhr finde ich persönlich wirklich sehr störend. Wenn ich am nächsten Tag sehr früh aufstehen und zur Arbeit muss, ist es für mich nicht möglich im Bett die nötige Ruhe zum Einschlafen zu finden. Nicht jeder hat die Begabung auch bei größtem Lärm sofort einschlafen zu können. Insofern finde ich nicht, dass das etwas nervig Deutsches ist, sondern Rücksicht aufeinander durchaus etwas erstrebenswertes.