Turpin sisters who escaped Perris 'house of horrors' speak out | ABC7

Published 2021-11-10
Two of the 13 Turpin siblings, who were held captive and tortured by their parents inside a Riverside County home for years before managing to escape in 2018, are speaking publicly for the first time about the horrifying ordeal. Full story: abc7.com/turpins-sisters-interview-david-and-louis…

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  • I hope they know we don't see them as broken. They are survivors! And what she did that night was heroic. They are all so brave. I wish them all nothing but the best.
  • @igneoluna
    I've always wondered how these kids would end up doing. Glad to see that a couple of them are now comfortable coming out and speaking to the public. Wishing nothing but the best for all 13 kids.
  • Glad these girls seem to be healing and are looking healthier. I hope they enjoy their new life of freedom and love as opposed to captivity and torture.
  • I can’t wait to see this interview! I’m so glad that Jordan and Jennifer had the guts to sit down with Diane Sawyer about what they went through! I hope that they and their siblings never go through that horrible type of abuse ever again!
  • Those girls are absolutely stunning. Hard to believe they come from monsters. Hope they have a wonderful life after they suffered for so long
  • On that 911 call she sounds like a younger child - I read the police thought she was ten, not 17. Malnourishment can delay puberty. I hope they are all loving life now and have regained their health.
  • @Runelph
    i hope these kids will be able to live wonderful lives
  • @Dan-ud8hz
    The sister who escaped is absolutely heroic ✊
  • Beautiful girls inside and out. I can’t imagine what they went through. That one woman is very brave to call 911.
  • @hey-cv8on
    The parents actually had the GUTS to cry in court like tf????
  • They are so beautiful and so well spoken. I am glad they can start to heal from this horric abuse.
  • @lilq4593
    The two older girls look amazing and seem like they have wonderful spirits and hearts even though they’ve been through the absolute worst. I can’t believe the people who were supposed to protect them failed them so horribly. They did worse than fail. I wish them the best recovery.
  • This is heartbreaking.. I’m so glad they’re safe now❤️Now to begin the recovery..
  • @kevincarr335
    You can't choose your parents. That kid showed remarkable courage. I hope they get better.
  • @badlander6369
    "I want the Turpin name to mean, wow, they're strong, they're not broken".
    You ladies are strong, brave and beautiful. I hope you find inner peace and thrive.
  • @mayam5353
    I always wondered how they are doing I remember reading about them being rescued and I hope they are happy and healing and hopefully still in touch with their siblings and have a safe family now
  • @Its4pink
    You were so brave!!! My heart hurts for all the kids. So thankful she made the 911 call. A hero!!!
  • I’m glad to see the girls looking healthy. When this 1st happened, I was afraid that they had been permanently harmed & might never be happy or healthy.