Published 2020-09-12
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First and Second Episode of TactiCOOL:
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Niko, Freddie and the annoying New Guy (Mat Best) find themselves in a hostage situation. But when the villain reloads with one hand, Freddie's immediately love-struck, and forced to save her life before she's killed by Niko.

Thanks to our partners;
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Turbosquid - bit.ly/theBEST_3dModels

Written and Directed by Niko Pueringer: www.instagram.com/nikodig/
Freddie Wong: www.instagram.com/fwong/
Mat Best: www.instagram.com/mat_best_official/
Heather Lynn: www.instagram.com/heatherlynnoh/

... with Goon Squad Cameo Appearances by
Matt Carriker of Demolitia: www.instagram.com/drdemolitionmatt/
Eli Cuevas: www.instagram.com/eli_doubletap/
Logan Stark: www.instagram.com/loganstark/
Jake Watson: www.instagram.com/jokerwatson/
Jarred Taylor: www.instagram.com/jtarticle15/

Cinematography and VFX production by Clint Jones
Extra spice shots by Sam Gorski
Additional VFX by Wren, Matt, and Peter
Edited by Clint, Matt, Sam, and Niko (yes, it took four of us to dial in this baby)
Sound by Kevin Senzaki
Produced by Jake and Christian

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All Comments (21)
  • @MBest11x
    This was a blast! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!
  • I just realized, the new guy beat his record because he is actually reloading the normal way lmfao.
  • I swear to God, if the show isn't called TactiCool Reloads: Reloaded, I'm walking.
  • @davidmoore8369
    As an American tactical firearms instructor, having just watched this for the first time...
    I'd like to be clear about the fact that I completely crapped my pants watching all the combat and safety violations throughout. And I plan to crap my pants again for the next episode.
    Team America, F Yeah!!!!
  • @castcrus
    I love how thrusting the gun forward can drastically increase the speed of the bullet.
  • @isdrevenge8764
    The cheesy dialogue and acting adds so much more charm. I love this series
  • @formoftherapy
    I am SO down for a series. I’m joining the website just to help fund this show.
  • If u guys make a 4th one u should call it “too tacticool 4 reloads” and bring back D
  • 6:06 every person gets the ability to do this whenever they become a US citizen. Not the fancy reload just the bit with the trucks and eagles and stuff
  • @kamenkuma05
    Niko: Reloads normally to get a shot at the villain
  • i cannot believe how great it is to see niko, sam and freddie all in the same video again
  • @AAvfx
    06:45 OK, you guys are geniuses! Close the net, I'm done! 🧡
  • @Dornpunzel
    4:17 that reload sound fitting to the music and nodding was one of the sickest things in music production for me. You guys are real nerds. Loving it.
  • Having Mat Best as that character made it so much better, he fits the part so well
  • @bluepandaman
    Seeing Freddie is like a time machine to 10 years ago.