Published 2022-09-22
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Most music is library music with that 80's vibe we seem to be hearing around right now but....

The track at 8,40 is a song called "Masquerade" by "Socks in Bed"

And the song at 14.14 Is "Get Away" by "Rock Cake"

In a band? Want your music on my videos! Send your tracks to [email protected] as all music on this channel is from viewers.

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All Comments (21)
  • colinfurze
    All hand digging now complete as down to the bunker will be done from above and so will the car port, thank you all so much for supporting this project. Its not totally finished but feels like a milestone for sure. Get your Tunnel prints here, there nice n cheap in this expensive time.www.colinfurzeshop.com/
  • Love Birds
    Part 14 - connecting to Freddies house
    Part 23 - connecting to the corner shop from part 5
    Part 34 - connecting to the nearest supermarket then
    Part 56-583 - connecting to the English tunnel
  • Peter Robins
    Colin is rumoured to be the first person in history to climb Mount Everest from the inside.
    Is he mad or is he crazy? We don't know but we're very happy whatever he is.
    Well done sir, again yet again, very well played sir. Keep on keeping on.
    If ever there was a complimentary phrase that explained Colin it's gotta be...

    "Praised The Cracked For It Is They That Let In The Light"
  • Oliver H.
    I suggest you should put diffuse white OLED lights that cover the whole tunnel wall :) would look really cool! You could also add sensors to control the light when you walk through the tunnel :)
  • Justin Lipkin
    You completing this phase has inspired me to go big with a garden plan I've had for a while rather than cheaping it. Thank you! Looks like I've got a lot of digging to do myself
  • Rotz 123
    It just looks and sounds like a dad and his son having fun together!
    Looks adorable.
  • For the car thing, you could (simply put) position a horizontal scissor lift to move side to side on a vertical one
  • Colin is the epitome of a child who never grew up but has all the means to live out dreams.

    And we love that.
  • Randall Smerna
    Thank you all the same but I'd just as soon not put my bits between big loose rocks!
  • think the best way to make it all go up and down whould likely be some sort of elevator with cables and counterweights. what goes for rotating, you bring it out to the side on a sledge unto a turntable, seperating it into 3 elements also meaning you do not need to bring your turntable up every time aswell..
  • Russell DoFrane
    The YouTube algorithm finally worked for me! It recommended me this video but I was like part 10?! So I've binge-watched 1-9 and here I am all caught up with this amazing project. I've often dreamed about digging a secret tunnel in my own house but always thought it seemed like too much of a project. Just proves it can be done with just some determination and a lot of smarts. Definitely worth a like and subscribe!
  • Albanianator
    5-10 years later someone buys his house. Finds out through the buying process or on their own that it comes with a tunnel. Years later discovers these videos of how they were built.
  • Josh Scott
    When you install the cover in the pantry you should install some sort of 2 stage doorknob on the pantry door. Turn knob to the left you can walk in the pantry. Turn to the right a piston style door opens and you can go into tunnel.
  • jewu hom
    It’s crazy how dedicated he is to this
  • Turin Turambar
    I suggest not having a spinning car lift, just so many more components to break. Up and down works great.
  • WilliamPMusic
    The Bunker and "secret" Tunnel series has been amazing so far and is a fantastic, concerning the car mechanics for the scissor lift maybe look into the design of (railway turntables) as they may help depending on how you park on your drive
  • JedsDeadBaby
    This series just proves to me that Bruce and Alfred could have totally built the Bat Cave themselves.