Amber Kyzer, mom of children murdered by Timothy Jones Jr., doesn't want him to die

Published 2019-06-11
Amber Kyzer, the mother of the five South Carolina children murdered by Timothy Jones Jr., said she did not want him to die. But she said she would respect whatever the jury decides.

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  • Robyn
    Watch the whole trial. These five beautiful children were abandoned by both parents. Rest in peace beautiful babies.
  • Michele Cutler
    Why would someone let a violent person like that have custody of their children? I fought hard to keep my children from my mentally and physically abusive ex husband, 12 years later, I am still fighting the same battle. I will never give up.
  • Christina Rosser
    How could “the mom in you” leave those babies with a man you KNEW carried out extreme corporal punishment on those poor littles?!?!!! I’m in shock here...I’m a mother to 5 married kids and grandmother to 12. You couldn’t POSSIBLY get me to leave my kids motherless, ESPECIALLY with a mean ass man. God have mercy...on us all.
  • Catholic 4ever
    I feel more pain for the babysitter than this mom. I’m done.
  • For goodness sakes, the babysitter shed more tears for these kids than this "mother".
  • Dawn Bowdich
    She's an insult to us mums that are prepared to die for our children if needed to protect and save them if needed!!!!!!.
  • Ami Stenson
    Wow! AND she continued having more children!!! 💔🤬 Her talking about the loss she feels, wonder if she even thought of the loss her 5 children felt watching her drive away?? Disgusting being! This woman makes me sick! She’s worse than the father!! She CHOSE to abandon them with an abuser! Yet she calls herself a “mama bear”!! 🤢🤬
    Can’t believe she showed her face! 🤬She abandoned her children! Told her begging children that they couldn’t go with her! She didn’t want them! She knew he wasn’t completely sane and that he was definitely ok abusing their children as well!! I would have charged her with negligence and abandonment. Her choice of leaving her children with a mentally unstable abuser resulted in them being murdered.

    PLEASE don’t abuse your children! It would be so much better to drop them off at ANY safe place! 🙏 If you abuse your child/children, get help for them and yourself before you’re taken over by evil completely. Once your conscience is gone, you have lost your humanity.
  • Mariivazquezz
    She’s very composed and then she went on to talk about all the losses she had that year including her kids. She clearly made it about her. Reading other comments on here about how she was disconnected from the kids because she had given them up seems accurate. Was she crying so much out of the courtroom she’s keeping it inside in public? Her emotions and actions do not seem of that of a nurturing mother though. It’s so sad.
  • Laurie Gogas
    I'm amazed that she hasn't shed one single tear. I lost a son who was 33 almost nine years ago and I'll never get over it. I survived this darkest period because I had 3 more kids who needed me to help them through this tragedy. I'll never stop missing him or crying for him. When I talk about him to friends and family I always cry. But they are somewhat happy tears because they are good memories. When I'm alone, I just cry. I'm sure all loving parents do the same. She has lost all 5 at once. No tears. No one has had to give her a tissue. I would have died from a broken heart..
  • Kim Cox
    She just went along with her life, had another child.. I would never have left my children with this monster! Looked what happened! Such a tragedy.. !!! 🤬
  • ebpope
    Excuse me? How were you both co-parenting so well when you picked up those emaciated kids in your arms then sent them back to him? Where was she?
  • I had a terrible husband... but NOTHING would have separated me from my children. My ex would be dead... he did many wrong things, but he loved himself enough to know... don’t hurt the kids or you’re dead. This women is a piece of sh..t
  • ppl2gether
    The babysitter love those kids more than the real mother.
  • beth richards
    Her testimony was about how she, me, me. I feel like they were both horrible parents because of their co-dependent relationship. They are both narcissists. There was a murder of five children. There is no question because of his confession-actually he should have to live out a life sentence without the possibility of parole. So he can live with what he did. The children’s mother will only be able to live with her guilt; she will not face prosecution, but she does not have the insight to know that she played an indirect part in the murders. So sad. Such a tragedy...
  • Curtis Dalton
    She kept saying i didnt think he would ever hurt the kids. But then tells a story about how he would try to hurt the babies before they were even born with the seat belt. Or driving eratically while they were in the car. She knew he could hurt them.
  • Family Pack
    She knew what was going on and I feel she should be prosecuted as well.
  • This woman doesn’t deserve to be called mother. She’s guilty as well.
  • Steph Hampton
    If they co parented at the end, how did she not know the children weren't getting fed and that he was beating them? I almost believed her until I heard the teachers speak. No one came to Nahtahns awards ceremony. The school knew the children didn't have a lot of food and babysitters were saying they weren't getting fed. How did a mother not know? I just don't understand how she says she didn't see this coming. He was extremely abusive toward her, why would she think he wouldn't be to her children?

    And on that note my heart does go out to her. I don't think I could sleep at night.

    And one more question does CPS not have to notify the other parent that their ex was reported for abuse etc? Especially if CPS had a discipline plan or something of the sort with Tim? Because the children's bruises?

    Tims a typical narcissist everything he does he accuses other of doing!
  • Lola's Mom
    She has a lot to say about how difficult the marriage was for her, how scared she was, much he hurt her. She has very little to say about how it must've been for her kids. She threw her babies to the wolves and said "I gotta go". I'm so angry with her. Those were her babies but she made no effort to save them, only herself. She failed them. She had joint custody and couldve picked them up any time. She started a new life.