What ACTUALLY Makes Apple Events Special.

Published 2023-03-21
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All Comments (21)
  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Did you like the bits where I was standing IN the event spaces? I'd love to do more of them within our future videos if you think they're fun!
    To clarify, if you go to most company event launch videos now, you'll see they all have 10M views+, but many of those views are paid for, and the live viewership counts are the only true metric to see how many people actually tune in! To find out why everyone is buying an iPhone now: https://youtu.be/V4D49YYihQI
  • Balram Nair
    Samsung, take notes. Arun was spot on with this video. Its not what you sell, but how you sell it that matters. So many features on the S23 Ultra, like Pause USB Delivery during gaming went unnoticed and took some digging to find. If Apple made that feature, they would have spoke about it for at least 5 minutes.
  • Gabrielius Stulga
    I studied creative industries in Lithuania and I watched this video with a bag of popcorn, like in a cinema. Storytelling is the key. Thank you for reminding this. You nailed it by the way.
  • Bharat Maru
    Apple's cinematography is always top notch.
    Colour grading in their videos always feel fresh and natural.
  • nero vanguard
    Back in college, I actually studied Apple events so I can apply it to the way in reporting in front of the class. It really helps
  • Winston Oigiangbe
    I'm really impressed with the amount of research you put into this video and the terrific delivery!
  • Madhav Bihani
    Yeah I have noticed this earlier. The apple events are genuinely more exciting. The short videos that they make to highlight little upgrades are so well made and their sound design is also exceptional. Even tough I am an Android user and I don't think I will ever buy an iPhone, but still I watch all iPhone events like a movie.
  • Byron Garay
    Arun is the only tech guy who can always keep us intrigued watching 15-30min videos, hes way ahead of any channel!
  • werty werrtyson
    I remember the iPhone 7 reveal. I used Android at the time and didn’t switch to iPhone until 12 but I still watched the entire presentation and remember being mesmerised by the iPhone 7 even if it didn’t do much the 6S didn’t do they made it seem so amazing. It feels like Apple really take care in making their products. I have a 2009 MacBook Pro that still looks almost like new and still looks better than most new windows laptops.
  • livinglegend1100
    And yet, your videos are an Apple-y way of presentation too. Each one better than the last. You continue to amaze Arun
  • Federico Cahis
    This is the kind of deeply researched content only “YOU” can really deliver.
  • Deleted
    That’s why I find Apple so interesting. Everything they do is thought out thoroughly and it shows even in small decisions that play with your mind (Like beginning each Apple event in the same way) not saying every decision they make is perfect but with me being interested in business, Apple are a fascinating company to dissect.
  • OW
    Simon Sinek does a great speech on why Apple's advertising and launches are effective. When I studied for my MBA, we used Apple as an example a lot for effective business strategies.
  • Molotov Ovickow
    To be fair, i think there is a point to say about the clear distinction from apple events pre and during/post lockdowns. Before they were getting rather stale with the ugly powerpoint presentation but now they are really high quality and special when they switched to premade videos.
  • 9:07 One thing I like about when Apple does compare to the other option, they mention the testing methodology and what they used (it's written in small print at the end of their product pages).
  • Sharat Goswami
    That is an impressive analysis! What strikes me is that there is no way Samsung, Xiaomi and the rest do not know this...or that they lack the resources but still they do not even attempt to pull it off. I remember watching Steve Jobs talk about things and he always had a story to tell. What amazes me is to think whatever systems and process he built to make sure Apple's marketing always put the story at the centre has survived him. SOme legacy that for those that realize how rare and incredible that is. Perhaps some credit is due to Tim Cook for this, certainly. Funny thing is, I've never been tempted to buy or use Apple products ever but I find the company and it's story(s) fascinating. Much to learn but perhaps not emulate.
  • Taj Dhaliwal
    As a marketeer and tech fan this breakdown was amazing. A classic example of how resonating your messaging with the voc impacts consumer behaviour.
  • King Kus
    I use Samsung, I've never tuned in to a Samsung Launch Event, but I buy their products afterwards. But I'm more than thrilled when the Apple Event is up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 though I don't use any of their products
  • Ragingsilver
    Great video explaining this, I've always liked watching the Apple events and I always wondered why. I thought this whole time it was the way they present things, say key words all the time like "So excited" and "Today we're..." along with their body language looking so humble and open. I never thought about the bigger picture in their production when compared to other companies shows. Google do a decent one too, they stay in the same place and do it with a huge crowd but still doesn't hit as hard as Apples. Now I see the differences
  • One of the best marketing slogans I ever heard was "Don't sell the mattress, sell the dream." And I think that fits Apple brilliantly.